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  1. SpoonMaster44

    A Few Questions

    utillites is a server mod with stuff, it edits the game code to do stuff that you cant do normally useing the command line
  2. SpoonMaster44

    Custom Huds

    I think gimp will work on mac if im right
  3. SpoonMaster44

    I need sprite makers (not for cosmo)

    I need sprite makers for another mod, ill be makeing some rought refrence sheet for an idea of how the character should look, my discord is SpoonMaster44onYT #2011, dm me no calls, the person(s), who help will be linked in the mod as sprite makers
  4. SpoonMaster44

    how to edit sprites directly in SLADE doom editor

    ok thx for the comfermation
  5. SpoonMaster44

    how to edit sprites directly in SLADE doom editor

    How do I edit sprites directly from SLADE doom editor?
  6. SpoonMaster44

    I need spriters

    oh ok, i dont think it was me, but ok ive seen alot of cosmo mod ideas in the mod section but they havent been worked on in like 10 years 1626886871 so ill se if I want to make another mod as I want to make many others so yeah
  7. SpoonMaster44

    I need spriters

    so Im making an srb2 mod, (cosmo) and I need some people to help me make sprites, can anyone help? you can contact me with discord (dms) my user is SpoonMaster44onYT#2011
  8. SpoonMaster44

    Port forward broken

    ok ill try thx!
  9. SpoonMaster44

    Port forward broken

    So i did all the port forwarding but this message shows when I check it, Any help?
  10. SpoonMaster44

    srb2 2.2.9 camra rotation glich

    oh yeah i do oof thx for the fix!
  11. SpoonMaster44

    Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

    same, looks like services are down
  12. SpoonMaster44

    srb2 2.2.9 camra rotation glich

    hello, my srb2 2.2.9 has a camra rotaton glich where the camra keeps spinning round and round any help please?
  13. SpoonMaster44

    SpamDash messes up Amy's hammer. Great.

    I thought it was an abillity?
  14. SpoonMaster44

    Your Dream Game

    that would be a good idea, an anime like that would also work because new anime is more like all bad probelems can be solved by just fight with pokemon, wouldent be to bad to see a pokemon game where someone dies not natural causes but something like being shot or something
  15. SpoonMaster44

    what sonic character do you hate

    i hate infinte so much he sounds like some edgey sonic oc
  16. SpoonMaster44

    we may have a problem here

    sonic omens was a pay game? if so sega would have copystriked it and it would be gone by now
  17. SpoonMaster44

    Which one is more broken to you. Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, or '06?

    sa2's camra is shit, 06 its self could have been good but being rushed made it shit
  18. SpoonMaster44

    [GBA] Was Sonic Battle a good spin-off?

    the game was good, im currently on a playthrough of it (knuckles episode) i realy like it, it remindes me of earthbound with the rpg element and the multipul attacks, also i like the wide array of move ermal can use