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  1. TotallyProperUsername

    TPU's Singleplayer OLDC Vote

    WARNING: I AM NOT COUNTING EMBLEMS IN MY VOTE Simply because it's just too tiring to get them. Also no offense but, Zaxel's Thunder Yard has a Score emblem for some reason??? I dunno i just really hate Score emblems on non boss levels, but that doesn't mean it's going lower because of that. Oh...
  2. TotallyProperUsername

    [Character] Classic Bomberman

    Bomberman with his design from the Super Bomberman 1/2 Box Art This is my first character addon, i hope you like it! Speed: 6 Weight: 7 Has 2 Alts C. Bomberman ALT: Colored body and skin color arms and legs. C. Bomberman GRN: Colored body, skin color arms and legs and green orbs and feet...