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  1. Stormer

    AiAi (KC_AiAi_v1)

    Heh, this addon reminds me of how Super Monkey Ball usually has a Monkey Race mode, with 3D's having the monkeys in karts. Sprites look great, though I'd agree that the eyes should not change color. Is a version where Aiai's in a ball rather than a kart in the cards, by any chance?
  2. Stormer

    [Open Assets] Donkey Kong

    Jeez, you must have some fast art skills to whip up something this good so fast. The first member of the DK Crew looks excellent with the rest of the cast.
  3. Stormer


    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. You all have no idea how long I've waited for this. Congrats on all the hard work put into this release.
  4. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    The hype train has absolutely no brakes. This is gonna be amazing.
  5. Stormer

    Sonic Robo Blast 2's 20th Anniversary

    Man, it's hard to believe SRB2 is almost as old as I am. And to think development of the game continues with a still-active fanbase, no matter how long the next release takes...really goes to show just how much of a passion project this has become.
  6. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    Looking really good there! Gives me a Chrome Gadget vibe.
  7. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    It looks like a frozen face, or something straight outta Majora's Mask!
  8. Stormer

    Prisima's Pixeled Productions

    This actually looks quite nice! I'm curious to see how successful you'd be in importing mechanics similar to Sonic Battle's into SRB2, since I believe a few people have tried to do so before and failed.
  9. Stormer

    What is the hardest Sonic boss you ever fought?

    Hoo boy, this one's a tough question. The Death Egg Robot (the original Sonic 2 version) and Big Arm (the original Sonic 3 version) both to this day have been quite hard to beat. Perfect Chaos gave me a lot of trouble years ago in his second stage, because of those stupid water tornados, his...
  10. Stormer

    LEGO Bionicle 2015

    Still, the fact that the LEGO Company is bringing back one of my favorite series brings a tear of joy to my eyes. I remember absolutely loving the series when I was younger, and being quite disappointed at how the BIONICLE Stars line was just smaller versions of old characters. I thought that...
  11. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    That track looks like it's gonna be FUN.
  12. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    Quick question. Will any of the Riders tracks or imported Mario Kart courses be returning in the next version of SRB2 Kart?
  13. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    Man, that HUD is looking really nice. This looks like it'll be a blast to play when you guys get a demo released.
  14. Stormer

    drt's endless sprite catastrophe

    Well, looks like SRB2 got Everted a bit. Is that what you were going for with that skybox?
  15. Stormer

    Roach's endless sprite parade

    The running frames actually remind me more of the hedgehog's Sonic CD special stage sprites than anything else.
  16. Stormer

    What makes you play SRB2?

    Well, for me, it's seeing how much awesomeness the WADs that the community members create have. Oh, and the NiGHTS special stages. One of the best parts of the game right there.
  17. Stormer

    Roach's endless sprite parade

    This Sonic is looking better and better the more I see of him. You've certainly been busy, MotorRoach.
  18. Stormer

    Dumbventure ...TOO!? El Papero Mareio - *In English! - Progress Topic

    At the rate you're going DOOD, you could possibly make a full recreation of Paper Mario in SRB2 if you had the time and/or desire to do so.
  19. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    That looks quite nice. But such things don't quench my thirst, they merely make me even more eager to see this mod's eventual release.
  20. Stormer

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    Wow. You guys certainly are going all out when designing these new tracks. I would assume that a few tracks from the previous version will be returning, possibly with new updated graphics, right?