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    Round 1 Voting

    OLDC 2021 Round 1 Votes Singleplayer: Match: Battle CTF:
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    ULDC Summer 2021: The Season of Stages

    Two Large Scale Mapping Events Over the Course of the Summer. Join the Discord Server After the Official Level Design Contest switched from a seasonal schedule to a bi-annual schedule, I didn't like how there was a six month gap inbetween contests. I felt that was too large of a gap of...
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    [v1.1] PANIC

    Kwiin submitted a new resource: [v1.1] PANIC - A long overdue CSCS Production. Read more about this resource...
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    [v1.6] Improper Technique Zone

    Kwiin submitted a new resource: Improper Technique Zone - A CSCS Production - A 5 Day NO GRID Mapping Challenge Collaboration. Read more about this resource...
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    [v2.1] New Years Collab || First map of 2021, Made in 2021!

    Following in the footsteps of Deleted Domain, Long Journey's End, and 24HrSRB2, I present you a map in the style of short snippets by various people! The whole goal of this was to be the first map released in 2021, made entirely within 2021. Here are our contributors! This was all hosted in a...
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    [v2.1] The Unofficial Level Design Collab (February-April 2020)

    *click on image to download* Revived after 8 months of limbo, I present to you The Unofficial Level Design Collab Notice: This level pack does NOT WORK in No Save mode. If you want to play the ULDC pack with custom characters or scripts, load the ULDC pack LAST. This was a project...
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    [Reusable] [BattleCTF] Big Arch (v2.2)

    I've had this updated version for quite a while now. In fact, it's already been a part of Krabs' battle pack for quite a few months now. This scored last place in the Summer OLDC CTF division :sunglasses:. The stage was too laggy to be playable. I fixed the lag in this version, however. I...
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    Community Hangout Design Contest (Season 1)

    CLICK IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD I finally worked up the motivation to finish this. Apologies for the wait. For those who read the editing thread for this, I've changed up the plans a little bit. Future iterations of the Hangout Contest will coincide with the OLDC. I do not have the motivation to handle...
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    Autumn Voting

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    Mystic Realm Community Edition

    DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA HERE Join The Discord Now that Mystic Realm is entirely reusable, and anyone is allowed to make their own edits, a few people have expressed interest (and in one case even finished a stage revamp already :o) of a Mystic Realm Community Edition. So I've decided to make a...
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    [Reusable] [v4.2] Community Asset Pack

    Started by Dave Lite and compiled by both him and I, I present to you the largest grouping of community made textures to be made in SRB2's history. This thing's nearly the size of srb2.pk3! This pack also includes many custom objects you can use to spice up your levels. Include ones with...
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    [Reusable] [Update 5] Mystic Realm v6 (one week belated) Halloween Demo - & Mystic Realm v5.1

    [Update 5] Mystic Realm v6 (one week belated) Halloween Demo - & Mystic Realm v5.1 It's such a relief to finally get this over with. Happy Halloween!... one week late. Yeaaahhhh this one's a bit overdue. Mystic Realm v6 Demo features: * -Slopes! * -Halloween Versions of Jade...
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    [Will edit in added criticism when I have the time, for now I will only do rankings.]
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    SRB2 Modding Portal.

    SRB2 Modding Portal *pssst, that underlined text is the link to the site* For ease of access to useful links, tutorials, tips and tricks for various ends of modding, I have set up a chain of Google Docs to help people out. I attempted to stylize it like Give me links to add and...
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    What happened to OLDC?

    I went to check the link for the OLDC rules, and was greeted with this message: Upon further inspection, the entire subforum is down. What happened that warranted wiping the new OLDC off the face of the mb? I'm assuming... No, I'm hoping this is temporary. Although It probably is.
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    Community Hangout Design Contest

    I'm currently coming to terms with the fact that this a real thing that I am creating. ~Community Hangout Design Contest Due to memes in the Community Server this is, in fact, a real contest. Because the map doesn't have to be fun to play- per say, at least in the sense that singleplayer...
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    Question about textures:

    I have a question about custom textures, or more specifically, how to take this effect I have made and turn it into a custom texture. Figured some of y'all are good texture artists (or at the very least know good programs for the job) and might be able to help me out. Right now here in Gay Baby...
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    SRB2db -> ZB cfg fuckery [I](ohgodohfuckwhatamIdoing)[/I]

    I recently discovered that the old final demo / 2.0 era srb2 doom builder page was still up, and because I have nothing better to do decided to attempt and use it. Yes. I tried making a final demo map in the year 2020... It didn't get very far before I got my hands on a v2.0 cfg. This is when...
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    Midtextures where midtextures should not be:

    ---------- Post added at 4:20 PM lol ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 PM ---------- Is it just me or are the gifs attached not showing up... fuck I swear to god I have gifs attached:
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    Cut Content

    Is it possible we could be able to play some versions of the stages shown in the 20th anniversary release trailer? The latest beta ACZ2 we got is the 2016 version, and I've heard that CEZ2 from that trailer is an entirely different map. I think it would be quite fun to be able to play these...