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  1. Bart

    Hey veteran players of 1.09.4

    As some of you may know, I'm collecting old models from the game. I've come to the conclusion that sending DMs (Direct Messages) to random people can be extremely annoying and unpleasant. So, I've decided to openly start a thread about this here on the forum. I would like to know if any of you...
  2. Bart

    Is there anyone here who has this Knuckles MD2 featured in this video? (already got!)

    Hello, To summarize my intentions, I am simply collecting old MD2s that played a significant role in my childhood. I want to be clear that it is not my intention to bother or inconvenience anyone in this process. Sadly, my searches on the internet haven't resulted in finding the MD2s I am...
  3. Bart

    Problems saving to MD3

    Hello everyone, I am having a problem saving the MD3 file, when I save them the animations are all corrupted (Wait, walk etc). I currently use Misfit Model 3D
  4. Bart

    hey, veterans, what was the first model(s) you saw for srb2?

    @I'll Begin, can you send me these md2 pack in PM please, If yes I would be very grateful.
  5. Bart

    Does anyone have these md2?

    I have been searching for these MD2 for years, but I never got a download link, I know that is asking a lot for a beginner in this forum, but if anyone has these models, could give a download link, I would be very grateful if someone still have them.