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  1. ShadowWolf2279

    How do you create your own Master Server for SRB2?

    I tried typing in a link for a custom Master Server once, but every time it said there was a problem connecting to the master server. 3 years later, I want to actually create the Master Server to be able to properly use it in SRB2. How do I do that?
  2. ShadowWolf2279

    Teleporting help

    So I'm trying to make a circular christmas map, but I don't know how to make teleport points. I'm trying to make it so when you reach one edge, it teleports you to the opposite end of the map (Like the Bus map or the Endless Hallway map.). I'm also trying to make it so you can go to a different...
  3. ShadowWolf2279

    SRB2 v2.2.13 Released

    Just a quick Q: When y'all gonna be makin' SRB2 v2.3?
  4. ShadowWolf2279

    SRB2 v2.2.13 Released

    LESGO!!! A new version is out!
  5. ShadowWolf2279

    [Open Assets] The Mario Kart 64 Cast

    This is the stuff. The best SRB2 Kart Mod I've ever seen. Can't wait 'til I get my own Windows PC so I can play SRB2 Kart once again. This is the first mod I'm getting when I do.
  6. ShadowWolf2279

    what does your sonic OC look like

    I got one. His name is my username. He looks like Sonic, but with purple quills, red irises, and black shoes. If you need a better visual, here you go: I plan on giving him another redesign at some point. I'm working on it. He used to look like this: But I scrapped that design because Sonic...
  7. ShadowWolf2279

    what is your custom title?

    I still need to play that game.
  8. ShadowWolf2279

    what is your custom title?

    I may have changed my custom title cuz I kinda abandoned the original backstory of my main OC. Now I'm a project created on another world.
  9. ShadowWolf2279

    25 Years of SRB2

    Oh, my COD! 25 years already!? Wow! That's impressive that SRB2 is still in development after all these years! Congrats!
  10. ShadowWolf2279

    favorite sonic ability?

    Sonic has gained and lost many abilities throughout his years, but I personally like the homing attack best. It makes keeping enemies out of your way much easier.
  11. ShadowWolf2279

    What was your first sonic game?

    My first Sonic game was Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. I first played it when I was about 5 years old.
  12. ShadowWolf2279

    Why is their not a port of srb2 to Xbox

    Both Windows and XBox are made by Microsoft so I don't see why it's that hard. Other than the fact that Microsoft might need to approve SRB2 being put into the Microsoft store. 1680413214 I mean, we could recreate the game entirely using one of those engines. It'll be pretty hard though.
  13. ShadowWolf2279

    what is your custom title?

    I am the lord of the Demon World. As it says on my custom title.
  14. ShadowWolf2279

    Put your "& Knuckles" memes here!

    I couldn't figure out how to put Knuckles in the vehicles. So just imagine Knuckles in all of them.
  15. ShadowWolf2279

    Put your "& Knuckles" memes here!

    Here's my meme as an example:
  16. ShadowWolf2279

    Post your pics/art here!

    WATERMELON TV!!!!! Also My OC named Comet is on the screen. 1641865555 Okay. That first one is going to give me nightmares. But I like the idea though.
  17. ShadowWolf2279

    So, what's something in a game that you've been attempting for days and days, then finally did it?

    Doing the BLJ in Super Mario 64. I tried to figure it out myself, but whenever I came close to doing it, I got excited and failed. But I eventually looked it up and did it successfully.