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  1. Pinkio

    Sonic Movie 3

    I don't know what really to expect about the music, but wow, with the stuff we know that's gonna be on the movie, imagine if we get music from the Sonic 3 & Knuckles OST... Or even songs from the Sonic Adventure games on it I don't know if getting a song like Live & Learn or Escape From The...
  2. Pinkio

    Coming back to SRB2 after a decade-- what to expect?

    Do you have any specific date on when you'll do this or you'll announce it later? 'Cause i think me and many other long-time players would like to participate on this lol
  3. Pinkio

    favorite version of sonic cd?

    The 2011 version felt like playing Sonic CD on its most glorious state to be honest, it really felt like a true remaster for the year it was done, specially giving all the options & stuff it adds over the original version, only thing that would make it better is to allow certain versions of each...
  4. Pinkio


    ^ I agree, a picture of that CD would be interesting (even more if it comes on a case, i would like to see screenshots from the front and back sides) And yeah, you should make a copy of everything that's on the CD because, who knows, even if it's archived already it still has a chance of having...
  5. Pinkio

    your opinion on the murder of sonic the hedgehog?

    haven't played the game but i think it's the closest official game we will have to an Among Us with Sonic characters lmaooo
  6. Pinkio

    Any funny history of your childhood related to sonic?

    LMAO back when i was 8 or 9 on 2013 i remember having a dream where i met Sonic The Hedgehog on a Burger King restaurant ...I don't remember many more details more than the "we became friends" thing and stuff maybe i predicted the movies due to the "hedgehog interacting with real humans" thing
  7. Pinkio

    [Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

    I'd argue this is one of the most important SRB2 mods ever, and wow, just now i noticed it finally was done I'm so happy it was able to go through the huge change from 2.1 to 2.2 i feel nostalgic for when i was feeling nostalgic while playing this mod years ago LOL
  8. Pinkio

    What is your favorite srb2 mod character?

    i remember on 2.1 there was a Sonic CD one which had the ability to do an extra jump generating a yellow spring under him, does that mod still exist? also Paper Mario and Kirby are cool choices to me
  9. Pinkio

    What do you hate most about the game?

    every single hosting netgame having addons and not being able to play a normal Match, Tag or CTF game like we used to do years ago ...i remember this used to happen the last times when i played SRB2, but whether it's real or not, it's kinda hypocrite from my side to say this considering i don't...
  10. Pinkio

    Whats your favorite 3d sonic game?

    we can technically say Sonic Frontiers now but i haven't played it so i'll stick to Sonic Heroes due to the large amount of characters we have (though i recognize the game has some bugs that are annoying specially on Rail Canyon lol)
  11. Pinkio

    Cool free games ?

    Nitrome games maybe? They're on browser and Adobe Flash already died, but if you're capable of running them then the Bad Ice Cream and Test Subject series are definitely worth it
  12. Pinkio

    why does everyone say that friday night funkin is cringe?

    no, i'm just saying it's straight dumb considering that not even the creator of these games want to do fandom wars, like why not just enjoy both games, one or them (or neither and just ignore) instead of throwing hate on them?
  13. Pinkio

    Ask a Quick Question, Maybe Get An Answer Sometime

    is the 2023 Mario movie going to be 200 hundred times better than the 1993 one?
  14. Pinkio

    anyone feel like sonic is more popular than ever now?

    i feel like if i'm the only one who remembers Neo Sonic Universe and Neo Sonic 3: Revelations (they're both from 2003) :v
  15. Pinkio

    why does everyone say that friday night funkin is cringe?

    according to his tweets, the creator of Scratchin' Melodii likes Friday Night Funkin' and even seems it reasonable how some of the art from SM reminds people of FNF (but not everything of course), he wasn't inspired on FNF considering the game started development years ago but yeah, he actually...
  16. Pinkio

    why does everyone say that friday night funkin is cringe?

    sometimes the FNF hate is as cringe as what they think the FNF community is, i don't really like most of the FNF community either but hating on the mods and games just for that sole reason is dumb tbh the worst is when they hate on FNF for "being too easy", i know it sucks when bigger talents...
  17. Pinkio

    your first 100%

    we're talking about 2007-2009 and considering i was born on mid-2004 it's a hard question, i'm guessing it was either a NES game or a Mario fangame if not then it's highly possible it was Commander Keen: Marooned In Mars!, i remember being pretty consistent at that first game unlike the next...
  18. Pinkio

    What's your favourite sonic game OST?

    if we include both regions then Sonic CD, for the most part i like Japanese but wow Tidal Tempest Present/Bad Future, Quartz Quadrant Good/Bad Future, Stardust Speedway Bad Future, Metallic Madness Present, Title/Opening Theme, Boss!! and the Level Complete jingle are so amazing on the United...
  19. Pinkio

    What was the first version of srb2 yall played?

    Back on 2007 or 2008, on the times where i was barely even born (i was born on 2004 and my brother on 2000) my uncle used to give us CDs or DVDs to my family with video games for PC, specially because we didn't have any internet connection at all back then I remember playing a lot of SRB2 on...
  20. Pinkio

    The Derp v1

    So cool to see this had an actual release, i remember finding about this years ago but it's until today when i found about it i just thought of it as a random meme when i saw progress on the making of this mod lol This is one of these cases when memes are made very seriously and creative xd