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  1. Hallan

    [OC] Atoll Summers

    Hallan submitted a new resource: [OC] Atoll Summers - A cute creature in a tiny vehicle. What's not to like? Read more about this resource...
  2. Hallan

    [OC] Atoll Summers 1.2

    People seemed to really like her in Original Server (Do Not Steal) so I figured there wasn't much harm in uploading her to the forums. Might expand into a pack or something later on? Jury's still out on that one. You're free to host my characters on your own server (I'd love if you let me...
  3. Hallan

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Chars

    This mod is a lot of fun to play around with... my only question is, why is Cust1 set to "camera right" and Cust2 set to "camera left"? I play on controller, and other mods make more sense with Cust1 on the left and Cust2 on the right (especially Combi-Ring, where they literally control turn...
  4. Hallan

    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    instead of drowning in the discord tsunami, I'm going to try organizing my thoughts in a nice tidy forum post First off, let me take a moment to thank the dev team for their continued passion and devotion to SRB2 Kart. I was honestly blown away by the initial release of modern SRB2K (yes, I...
  5. Hallan

    [Script] Team SRB2Kart Racing, a mod based on Team Sonic Racing! (KL_tsrb2kr-v2.pk3)

    Bit of a minor gripe/nitpick, but it would be nice if the mod assigned three players to a 1v1v1 match instead of the current 2v1 setup. Until a fourth player joins and prevents a one-man team from naturally occurring, it's a bit lopsided in favor of the duo as the single player needs to finish...
  6. Hallan

    [Script] [Sonic The Hedgehog Robo Blast 2 Kart and Not Top-Down] Combi Ring Team Racing

    Extremely minor suggestion that probably wouldn't warrant a full update, but it would be nice if the mod wouldn't force teams together if only two players were in a match, and would instead allow you to face off in 1v1 gargoyle deathmatch until a third player connects to the server.
  7. Hallan

    [Level Pack] R. A. Extended v3.1 - "SUPER! GBJ! HOTFIX!" Edition

    Okay, I gotta know... where in the world did you get that voice clip for SUPER RAINBOW ROAD's intro? It's just so GOOD, so clean and professional.