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  1. A_man_xd

    Kiryu Kazuma

    I would like that in kazuma they put the version that where he could hit or do the dropkick
  2. A_man_xd

    Kiryu Kazuma

    no kazuma aprils fool update?:devastation:
  3. A_man_xd

    Gear Sonic

    you could make the jump like sonic x style or something similar
  4. A_man_xd

    Prime Sonic W.i.p

    YIPEEE this look amazing
  5. A_man_xd

    Peppino from Pizza tower is making his way into SRB2 2.2!!!

    hi again! how is the mod going? I hope it's okay and that you don't cancel the mod xd because I really liked the mod so I hope it goes well for you
  6. A_man_xd

    Guys only a Puss in boots sprite

    this is gonna be a mod or you are just showing the sprites?
  7. A_man_xd

    Amateur solutions to professional problems: The Pig Mod

    Hi again! It's been a long time since I spoke xd how is the mod going?
  8. A_man_xd

    [Open Assets] ROBLOX : Template Obby

  9. A_man_xd

    FNF Boyfriend and Pico

    Hello, I have a not so good idea, but it would be nice if you put a 3 character that can be a tankman, it's just an idea xd
  10. A_man_xd

    Amateur solutions to professional problems: The Pig Mod

    I have a question if they are going to include battelmode or support for racing, how are they going to do it? (I loved your mod when I saw it, keep it up :D)
  11. A_man_xd

    Sonic But BAD

    i love this mod is so good i like junio but a bit slow but whit abilitys xd
  12. A_man_xd

    Cosmic Metal Sonic (Cosmetal)

    i like the mod is very good