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  1. DylanDude

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    Hold the Fn key at the same time as you press F9.
  2. DylanDude

    Srb2 title without logo

    A “normal level” would be a level you are supposed to be able to play… well, normally. Like GFZ1. The title screen map is not that. Good news: Nope. It’s actually possible with a very simple SOC script. I just submitted a mod to Addons and More that does just that. We’ll see if it gets through.
  3. DylanDude

    FZN's models life monitor bug

    This board is for reporting bugs with the vanilla game. You should ask for help in the release thread of that model pack.
  4. DylanDude

    Srb2 title without logo

    Well, the title screen background is map 99. Warping there will immediately put you inside the title screen's background as if it were a normal level.
  5. DylanDude

    Recommended Gamepad settings for Beginners (Starter Guide)

    Then you don't get the help. You aren't owed help, so don't be picky when that help involves a bit of reading. The post explains this. Also, check your Gamepad Options and make sure you have Jump Axis set to none. This is a meme that went over your head.
  6. DylanDude

    Addons folder missing

    This post is from two years ago. The game did not always come with an addons folder at the time.
  7. DylanDude

    PS4 controller is not working

    Could you be more descriptive about what specifically is messed up? Also, have you messed with the axis settings in the Gamepad Options menu?
  8. DylanDude

    How to get rid of the funny white blank text for Text Prompts?

    You've told Prompt 2 to use two pages, but have only defined one. That causes this to happen, as the game tries to load a page that doesn't exist.
  9. DylanDude

    No News for 2 Months

    Smaller news updates are being posted in the Discord all the time.
  10. DylanDude

    Outline becomes thicker when using SF_HIRES

    I'm sorry, but those look virtually identical to me outside of the usual compression.
  11. DylanDude

    SRB2 Data Usage?

    I wish it didn't have any effect on others. But still, let's drop this please.
  12. DylanDude

    SRB2 Data Usage?

    You misunderstood what I said. I never said ping. I was talking about resynchs, which are still an issue. 1700759990 No problem! Happy I could help. :3
  13. DylanDude

    SRB2 Data Usage?

    I couldn’t find any information about this, but I believe two things: 1. It will likely vary from server to server. Servers will usually require you to download several addons in order to join. These vary in size, but the maximum is 200 MB each. Most addons are smaller, but it’s entirely normal...
  14. DylanDude

    How to mod Music

    Those mods usually aren't allowed to be published unless you made the music yourself, but ask a staff member.
  15. DylanDude


    Does this still happen after restarting the game? Are you in first person mode or is the camera literally being left behind?
  16. DylanDude

    Is there a way to create a custom end credits?

    Yes, just not one that resembles the vanilla end credits. That one is hardcoded. The MainCfg parameter "CreditsCutscene" determines which cutscene the game loads for the credits. That's a SOC cutscene, for the record. It'll have all the restrictions that entails.
  17. DylanDude

    3D models bug report(In the right thread this time)

    This isn't the right board either. You are having trouble installing custom models, this is probably not a bug report for the vanilla game. Bug reports are when you've found a bug in the vanilla game you can reproduce and you want the devs to fix it. Did you check the filepaths described in the...
  18. DylanDude

    Why isn’t this working?????

    The Web Port is both outdated and unofficial. It goes down pretty regularly, but there are a few different links.
  19. DylanDude

    3D Model Troubles

    What is the filepath to the Whisper MD3? Also, for future reference, this board is mostly for making mods, not loading models. Models aren't addons per se, so the best way to get help with them is to ask in the release thread of said models.
  20. DylanDude

    is there any map tht is flat and long?; i need to test some characters

    Zone Builder is not the only map making software.