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  1. lollolman

    SRB2 works on Windows 11!

    Except for NT 3.1 - NT 5.0 (2000) and ME, it's always been like this
  2. lollolman

    Does anyone have the mod where you could add AI to singleplayer?

    This one, I really want this, I forgot the name of it
  3. lollolman

    Lawyer Gestures

    Now all we need is a godot custom char.
  4. lollolman

    SRB2 works on Windows 11!

    ^ Longhorn was much less stable than even ME before the development reset
  5. lollolman

    How do I mark a music wad as cosmetic? (allowed on MP)

    I'm just wondering how to, as I have a 2.1 music wad (which I lost for a while, but luckily my boyfriend still had it on his hard drive!) and I want to use it on MP, thanks!
  6. lollolman

    SRB2 works on Windows 11!

    There was a build leaked, 21996 to be exact
  7. lollolman

    SRB2 works on Windows 11!

    Was expecting some errors, but as it turns out, yes, it DOES run on Windows 11! (Tested using my ACTUAL PC, because I swapped over to win11 as my daily driver)
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    Cman, you literally cant take a joke
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    2.0's cancelled, go home
  10. lollolman

    srb2 and srb2 message board lore and trivia and stuff by the srb2 community and neonhedgehog

    Offtopic but can someone send me the download link for chrome?
  11. lollolman

    Saturn Dreams model pack

    There's a transparent polygon on sonic's falling animation. This is most noticable on THZ2.
  12. lollolman

    SRB2 Party exists. Discuss.

    Mods, we have an anomaly. Cman is actually contributing to the community, this is an emergency!
  13. lollolman

    Why S3&K Is more than just " That Genesis Game"

    Base sonic 3 had those funny spheres in the debug mode, making it 200000x better than S3&K.
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    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board
  15. lollolman

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use FoF's.

    I am seriously about to quit mapping. Recently, I've been trying to learn stuff in Zone Builder. I have learned how to create water, but I do not for the life of me know how to use fofs. Here is an example of what happens when I try to use one: Please help me. I am in dire need of assistance.
  16. lollolman

    Concept of something I might submit to SATMS.

    So, recently I have been getting back into mapping. I barely know anything, so this is a concept. This is my first time ever really mapping anything seriously. I would like some feedback and tips. Also, bonus REALLY UNFINISHED beta of a mappack which I don't have motivation to keep working on...
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    teasers subforum in news
  18. lollolman

    aw shid jisk is making hacks for srb2 again

    yep smh, I literally have the link for the hack, but I only intend on sending it to Sonic Team Jr. to make sure it gets patched out and netgames dont get fucked again. if any of you STJR folk want the link to help get it patched, PM me.
  19. lollolman

    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    guys im stuck in THZ2 what does this lever do I need assistance