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  1. Pathonaut

    Editing WADS with SLumpED

    Whenever I edit ANYTHING in the wad, the section with the modified thing(s) will turn red and becomes a completely white Sonic. I read everything in the wiki but it didn't help In this picture, I edit the acceleration from 44 to 43...
  2. Pathonaut

    Soc Editor; PLEASE HELP!

    So; say I set up soc editor (select file etc), then I click set thing(s), I get this runtime error. Does anyone know the answer to this problem?!
  3. Pathonaut

    Editing existing addons; need help!

    Whenever I edit ANYthing in the wad, ingame, the character goes beserk flashing various sprites.
  4. Pathonaut

    Can't join netgames! Please help!

    Whenever I click "Join game", it always tells me that it can't connect to the master server! D:
  5. Pathonaut

    Easiest thing to create for SRB2

    I have a feeling that it will be maps.
  6. Pathonaut

    "File corruption" error on WIP wad. Need help!

    I'm doing some editing around a metalsonic.wad and I need help! THE PROBLEM: whenever I try to add them (via console), it says file corrupt or something. I've followed the directions with the SRB2 wiki but it still does not work. can someone help?