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  1. Dimpsuu

    [Character] MegaMan Classic Kart Pack [VERSION 1]

    Play Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart as your favorite Robot Masters and other characters from the classic Mega Man series! This is a collaboration project involving myself and others such as Brash Buster, Kibito Ayame, and VGBoy who will hopefully bring you a healthy cast of Mega Man characters...
  2. Dimpsuu


    Speed: 6 Weight: 3 "Oh, I get it: HISTORY SCIENCE!" -Jonathon "Tronathon" Jafari Even though I just finished a rabbit character, here's another one that will make people scream "Who?". This is a character who originates from an obscure shoot-em-up on the SEGA CD named "Keio Flying Squadron"...
  3. Dimpsuu


    Speed: 3 Weight: 4 ...presented to Squidward... TORTELLINI? The mediocre clarinet player unwillingly joins SRB2Kart, for what reason? I dunno, Krusty Krab business I suppose. This squid has a modified kart for... unspecified reasons (could actually be water or the fact he has 4 tentacles for...
  4. Dimpsuu

    Bugs Bunny

    Speed: 7 Weight: 2 Nyehhhhhh~, what's up doc? The carrot-loving hare that enjoys fooling with those who try to make rabbit soup out of him is now enjoying some kart racing. While another lightweight, the stats are something that would make sense with some research, so go do that if you are...
  5. Dimpsuu

    Emerl the Gizoid

    This came out of nowhere really, last I checked I was working on a lousy mediocre clarinet player, but before I release that one to the public I got a special boy for you. Time being cut down tremendously by the Kartmaker, this character came out at a brisk pace with extra time used up just...
  6. Dimpsuu

    [Character] Dimpsuu's Kart Pack (RC.9 PRIME/MISFITS UPDATE)

    The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers. This includes 7 characters that were already...
  7. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] (Mega Man 11) Roll [RELEASE 1.5]

    Wait, but doesn't Roll already exist? Ahhh yes but this is a different Roll entirely for a different group of people. This time this is Roll as she appears in the newest title wearing her red MM8-inspired hoodie. She also appears riding a normal pipeframe kart compared to the existing one from...
  8. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] Atsuko Kagari / Akko

    Akko from Little Witch Academia is the cute energetic witch who hasn't quite got a hold on her magic powers, but has the most powerful item the "Shiny Rod" which is the key to saving the witch society. However I dunno how kart racing is going to help with that. She is a fast but weighty...
  9. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] Sonia Strumm [RELEASE 2]

    The popular idol from the Star Force timeline, "Sonia Strumm" (or Misora Hibiki in Japan) makes a surprise appearance in SRB2Kart. Not the most expected Mega Man character to be finished first, but my overall enjoyment of the games she appears from is undeniable, so I felt like a WAD with this...
  10. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] Professor Asobin

    You may remember this cute little rabbit for appearing in most SEGA SG-1000 as well as a select future SEGA titles' game manuals, offering helpful advice for the respective game. Also making cameo appearances in titles like SeGaGaGa and... nothing else to my knowledge. However, he would make an...
  11. Dimpsuu

    [Character] Hms123311 - the legend returns!

    Suddenly you hear a shitty overpowered recolor and his overpowered qualities. Even SRB2Kart couldn't escape Hyper Mystic Sonic, with his wide-opened mouth, not even hitting him in his toe could stop him. This time in SRB2Kart, HMS comes with 2 versions, a standard release with just the kart...
  12. Dimpsuu

    Sonic's Shoes (VERSION 2 HOTFIX)

    Ever wanted to play SRB2 Kart as just Sonic's Shoes? No? How about if I gave him more speed? Are ya enticed yet? Welp, this is a joke kart I decided to make mostly so I could take advantage of LUA scripts now so I could warrant a character that's differences weren't only made up by stats...
  13. Dimpsuu

    [Reusable] Kart Megamix Themes (Cactus Fix)

    If you remember, I previously release a WAD for vanilla SRB2 called "Megamix Themes". This allowed for a lot of characters to have their own unique Invincibility, Speed Shoes, and 1UP tune. I've decided to port this over to SRB2 Kart and expand upon the selection of characters it can be used...
  14. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] Mr. Game & Watch [RELEASE 3]

    Suddenly you can hear a bell ringing in the far back. It's Mr. Game & Watch from the Super Smash Bros. series, joining in in true 2D goodness. While you can see him perfectly fine in side views, the front and back you can see but only a pixelated line. He comes packed with his usual Game &...
  15. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] Sukapon

    Didn't see this one coming, now did you? It's Sukapon from the Japanese only released game "Joy Mech Fight" for the Famicom. A pink robot with no limbs primarily capable of grabbing her opponents and throwing them around. Thanks to her recent appearance as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros...
  16. Dimpsuu

    [>v1.0.1] Carbuncle

    Gu-Gu-Gu~ Carbuncle from the Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo series joins SRB2 Kart... just barely. He has little to no weight but has the highest speed currently. This makes him, at least I hope, a harder racer to play as while also being the deadliest. Actually, his stats are near someone like...
  17. Dimpsuu

    Sally Acorn (Update 1)

    Sally Acorn has successfully been ported to 2.1. Now with extra lua! Yea no wonder .Luke didn't port this yet. :V And with permission from himself, this was made entirely possible. Based sort of off the Sonic 1 Hack I have given her a few tools to fool around with now (I would have given her...
  18. Dimpsuu

    Lua Help: Growth Monitor

    So ya know the Growing Monitor from Knuckles Chaotix which increases one's height for a short period of time? Yea I was trying to make that in SRB2 and I'm having a bit of a problem here trying to make the lua script itself work as it should. Am I doing something wrong?
  19. Dimpsuu

    CastleBot FaceStabber (Update 1)

    Basically another Badnik WAD, go figure. Ability List: Advantages: Disadvantages:
  20. Dimpsuu

    Lua Help: Climb w/o Glide

    So I was trying to make the ability to be able to climb walls like Knuckles only without needing to glide and instead just double press the jump button to climb a wall if possible... but I'm having slight problems getting this to work. Here's the code if you'd like to help, that would be nice...