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  1. BoopyDoop

    [Open Assets] E-102 Gamma

    Yeahhh, but both aren't 2.2 quality mods tho, in terms of sprites at least.
  2. BoopyDoop

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    Does it really matter? You're only cheating yourself, so..
  3. BoopyDoop

    Dirfex the Dire Wolf

    Seems to be having some XMod issues, heh. EDIT: The dash seems to break with any physics mod, not just XMod
  4. BoopyDoop

    The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd

    Glad I'm not the only one that noticed how laggy this build is compared to both 2.2.10 Uncapped .
  5. BoopyDoop

    [Open Assets] Serpentine

    just because it has a dark past to you, doesn't mean it shouldn't exist for everyone else. you can avoid this thread simply by... not paying any attention to it, really
  6. BoopyDoop

    Team Kinetic (Dirk, Whirl, & Vesola)

    literally uses he/him pronouns in the character description on the beginning post so uhhhh lol
  7. BoopyDoop

    Team Prismatic (Mystic Realm: Community Edition)

    Sucks that my PC can't handle the new MFZ1. It freezes(pun intended) with mods enabled and stutters without, but from what all I can play of it, it looks really cool.
  8. BoopyDoop

    Team Prismatic (Mystic Realm: Community Edition)

    Pretty sure I did something wrong.
  9. BoopyDoop

    SRB2 Uncapped PLUS

    Not sure if this is just a me thing, but the website doesn't seem to be loading for me and I also can't even test the build.
  10. BoopyDoop

    SRB2 Uncapped

    seems like weather in general jitters because i noticed that while playing and then pausing on Castle Eggman in the rain
  11. BoopyDoop

    [Open Assets] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    The XMomentum mod may break a lot of modded characters, but I think that's what adds to the fun of it, especially with speedrunning