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  1. PixelGamer64

    [SUGOI 2] Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July

    Just got round to finishing the whole thing (aside from getting all the emblems), and I must say, it was a fucking blast to play through, bravo to everybody who helped contribute to this.
  2. PixelGamer64

    Wizard Sonic is back! [Wizard Sonic MD2]

    I think I remember seeing this same model many years ago, and I wanted it so badly but could never find a download link for it, and now it's here again and its certainly a nice nostalgia trip. It's certainly not the most well done model, but nice nonetheless
  3. PixelGamer64

    Hookring.lua (Take yourself to the anchor point!)

    About time you released this Manimi. Definitely one of your best lua scripts so far. It's fun as fuck to play with
  4. PixelGamer64

    Chaos Conflict

    it's been 3 weeks and i've not done a whole lot, but here's some progress anyway: This is the ending part of Knuckles' route, it's not entirely finished yet, but i quite like what i've done so far. also i still havent touched humid burgundy zone yet im so sorry
  5. PixelGamer64

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    So Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is only a mere 5 days away, and i'm already getting quite excited to start playing it on the go with the Switch. I know alot of people are saying "I don't think the £40 price tag is worth it!", but I say that people who haven't played the original Mario Kart 8 on Wii U...
  6. PixelGamer64

    White T.U tries to sprite and map with some success

    im probably gonna regret posting this but here we go anyway I've been workin on this Five Nights at Freddy's map for a while now and I might as well show off the current progress on it Still very W.I.P and im still to detail alot of shit Even got the fan and cupcake in :^ I'll probably...
  7. PixelGamer64

    Chaos Conflict

    Hey thought I'd just drop an update on this thing A while ago Tonic told me that he decided he doesn't feel up to the task of making Chaos Conflict anymore, and asked for me to take over for him. So from now on updates will be mainly from me, ManimiFire or Hedgefox, who has also joined the...
  8. PixelGamer64

    [Open Assets] Yoshi Bosses

    Well I must say Yoshi, you have quite a bit of potential in you. Mainly Lava Factory, I really like how you have to battle right above some lava, and the aesthetics of the map are quite nice. Certainly an improvement over v1.0. The other maps aren't as aesthetically pleasing, as they lack...
  9. PixelGamer64

    White T.U tries to sprite and map with some success

    i did now ;^ Also working on another new map based on Namek from Dragon Ball Z. very wip
  10. PixelGamer64

    Split Hall Zone (r_SplitHall.wad)

    Honestly, this level was just extremely boring for me. - First off is the extremely flat level design. Sonic can easily fuck other characters over since he can just thok everywhere he goes. There needs to be varying level design to compensate for this. Like hidden pathways for Knuckles and...
  11. PixelGamer64

    White T.U tries to sprite and map with some success

    more Mario sprite shenanigans original pokey sprites by MotorRoach and original fire flower sprites by Tonic ze Hedgefox. and thanks again to the guys at #spriting in the srb2 discord for their help. expect to see some of these in the Mario map
  12. PixelGamer64

    White T.U tries to sprite and map with some success

    Went ahead and finished Roach's Boo sprites Big thanks to the guys over at #spriting in the srb2 discord for helping me with this
  13. PixelGamer64

    White T.U tries to sprite and map with some success

    Actually decided to make a thread on the stuff i work on which may or may not be completed. first off: a Mario 3D World based map, with textures by DirkTheHedgehog and boinciel (thanks lads) also using MotorRoach's goomba sprites cause the original srb2 sprites stick out badly. and on top...
  14. PixelGamer64

    Saturated Colours Palette (pal-saturatedcolours.wad)

    A custom palette I made to make everything in SRB2 seem saturated and full of colour. That's about it really.
  15. PixelGamer64

    [Open Assets] VS Shadow The Hedgehog (Boss)

    It's an alright fight, but the flame attack that he can use is nearly impossible to avoid. It would have been nice to see him use attacks like his Chaos Spear, Chaos Control, or even Chaos Blast. Perhaps the more he takes damage, the more attacks he'll use. Ranging from a homing attack and spin...
  16. PixelGamer64

    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Sounds awesome, you've got me hyped. And do you have a set release date for this update?
  17. PixelGamer64

    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Oh wow, this looks sick. I assume you're using FSonic's lua for Super Shadow to have custom sprites right?
  18. PixelGamer64

    [Open Assets] Freeze-Tag Gamemode

    Just played this on my server a while ago, and I have to say it's quite fun. I didn't encounter any problems with it either. Good work here.
  19. PixelGamer64

    Blossom Fields (mt_blossomfields.wad)

    This map is a rather small and confined meadow, with a big pool, huge slope at the back of the map, and places to jump around. It replaces Meadow Match zone (MapMC) and is a Match/Tag map. It also has custom music from Sonic After the Sequel (a fangame)
  20. PixelGamer64

    [Open Assets] Changable Secondary Colors

    Ah that's exciting! The characters that I'd like to see next are either FSonic or Silver. Although, it's up to you.