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  1. SonicSpades

    [Open Assets] Legacy Espio (v2.95)

    Banned. I don't know how. But he is.
  2. SonicSpades

    STC Super Sonic (Fleetway)

    *Throws out crusty Fleetway from 3891* Know your place bootleg! The official one is here to run wild!
  3. SonicSpades

    What is your favorite Classic Sonic ROM hack?

    Sonic Megamix, S Factor, Metal Sonic Hyperdrive and Rebooted.
  4. SonicSpades

    Legacy Chaos 0

    I made a skin color that's more accurate to Chaos' colors instead of vanilla game Cyan. skincolors[SKINCOLOR_CHAOSCYAN] = { name = "ChaosCyan", ramp = {128,128,129,129,130,130,131,131,132,132,133,135,134,134,134,136}, invcolor = SKINCOLOR_ORANGE, invshade = 9, chatcolor =...
  5. SonicSpades

    [Open Assets] SRB1 Remake

    So...this happenedAdded file ADDONS/Campaigns/S_SRB1Remake-v1.3.pk3 (401 lumps) Loading SOC from ADDONS/Campaigns/S_SRB1Remake-v1.3.pk3|SOC/MAINCFG ‚WARNING:€ Line 8: Maincfg: unknown word 'MPSTAGE_START' 1 warning in the SOC lump ... Process killed by signal: SIGSEGV - segment violation Oops.
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    [Open Assets] More Act Clear Themes

  7. SonicSpades

    Lugent's Menu System

    I can't control the menu on mobile.
  8. SonicSpades

    [Open Assets] Encore Mode

    So, I've found some tokens and I might as well make a checklist/location guide for them. Now, I wanted to do this with just the Vanilla cast, but since most of the tokens are hard to find, I needed the help of a certain treasure hunting bat. I'll update it if I find more tokens, or if someone...
  9. SonicSpades

    Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon, jumps into the racetrack!

    OMG! The howdy doody ghost, Wambu is in Kart!
  10. SonicSpades

    Override Rings

    Rule 15 of the MB: Do not ask people to make things for you, or request certain mods or features.
  11. SonicSpades

    [Open Assets] Super Mystic Sonic [SMSreborn v3-0: Reborn again!]

    Rule 15 of the MB: Do not ask people to make things for you, or request certain mods or features.
  12. SonicSpades

    about 2.2.10's stagefailed global

    So, I've been confused about the new stagefailed global and how to implement it correctly. Here's some example code, that uses Katmint's Character-specific jingles template as a base, that would change the clear music after the special stage depending on if the player fails the stage or not...
  13. SonicSpades

    The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH)

    Ugly Knux broke.
  14. SonicSpades

    SRB2GB: A gameboy emulator

    Finally, we can play SA7/S3DB5 in SRB2.
  15. SonicSpades

    SonicSpades' Colors Version 1

    My first addon! It's pretty basic skincolor pack with 9 colors.
  16. SonicSpades

    SonicSpades' Colors

    SonicSpades submitted a new resource: SonicSpades' Colors - Some colors for your needs. Read more about this resource...
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    [Open Assets] Legacy Espio (v2.95)

    Hello, I've already fixed this issue and have asked Sinny to add it to the next update. Until then, please use my edit.
  18. SonicSpades


    Mixed Hud Deluxe doesn't align on mobile. Also, is the color code reusable?
  19. SonicSpades

    Need help making C1 Ability [Closed]

    I'm making a C1 ability similar to the stomp. And I need help making a different version of it when the Whirlwind Shield is on. Ideally if C1 is pressed in midair with a Whirlwind shield on, I want my character to slam down for a short time and then, when they hit the ground, they go into spring...