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  1. MatheusRRR

    Stupid rules.

    Did you know that not everyone speak English? Write wrong sometimes is normal. If a person ask for a script to help understand some code, no ban! sons of bitches. Stupid rules. SRB2 just is a fan game. Incidentally, is another MOD from DOOM. The most renowned forums (microsoft, google...
  2. MatheusRRR

    I was banned from the board?

    I lost the ability to create threads like this, LUA and Wads. Last year I created a topic and received an infraction. Because of the first post that I did I lost the ability to create topics? how can I solve this?
  3. MatheusRRR

    Help in lua script

    (MatheusRRR received an infraction for this post: Do not ask others to make your mod for you.)