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    so i cant download 2.2.13

    Assuming you're using Windows and this is Windows SmartScreen preventing you from running the file: Find the file you downloaded (perhaps in your Downloads directory, or by right-clicking on the download entry displayed in your Web browser and choosing to open its destination/containing folder)...
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    (Not need) help where update 2.2.12?!

    This is actually funny
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    No cheats in Singleplayer?

    On the SRB2 wiki you've got the article about the console, and from there you've got console commands and console variables
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    No cheats in Singleplayer?

    As far as I know, this is expected behavior. There's no "cheats on" mode, there's just different variables that, when not set to their defaults, are called cheats. This is why the command cheats prints the state of all cheats-tagged variables, and cheats off resets them all to their default, but...
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    "There Is A Problem Connecting To The Master Server"

    When was the last time you had your operating system updated?
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    SRB2 v2.2.12 Patch Released

    It's not unheard of in software development to release stable versions when there's still stuff being brewed but in disabled-by-default state or in other development branches in the software's version control repository. Not that I'm saying that this is the case, but it's possible that they've...
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    Why are there so many more Kart characters than there are in the base game?

    It's amazing what can be accomplished with only 256 colors
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    HD texture pack for 2.2

    I'm pretty sure it's possible to create a shader program that upscales textures (or adds depth using depth maps or whatever). I'm not sure what you said about shading and lighting is true though, it might be possible to create a shader program that renders light well, but unfortunately I'm not...
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    What do u think about them adding the srb2k/srb2 kart to Android

    STJr has no real incentive to have as many SRB2 players as possible, other than the natural incentive that every game developer has that doesn't develop games for only themselves. I don't think STJr would ever be interested in officially supporting such a proprietary, dumbed-down platform as...
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    Why is my ping always so high?

    The good thing is that the Cloudflare speed test also tests bufferbloat, jitter, and packet loss, and not just idle ping and download/upload throughput. The other good thing about it is that Cloudflare is one of the leading CDN companies in the world, and they've got a huge anycast network with...
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    What do u think about them adding the srb2k/srb2 kart to Android

    iOS is a locked-down platform, one of the most (if not the most) locked-down in the market. I don't think STJr would ever want to make an official port for such a platform, I think it's stupid to ask for it. Sorry. Fan-made ports would always be welcome I guess.
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    What do u think about them adding the srb2k/srb2 kart to Android

    As far as I know, Apple has an allergy for software licensed under the GNU GPL. Since the source code of SRB2 (and thus also of SRB2Kart) is licensed under the GNU GPL, I doubt it will ever go on the iOS App Store.
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    WHY my port closed why im did everything(FIXED)

    I'm surprised of the terminology of a "virtual server", I've never seen port forwarding referred to as configuring a "virtual server". In any case, try rebooting/restarting your router (look for an option to do that from the web interface, only if you don't find it prefer using physical means)...
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    Why is my ping always so high?

    Seems like your connection is good enough. Your jitter does increase to ten times when loaded compared to when not loaded, but the difference amounts to only 20 ms or so. So if you're playing in a server with 180 ms ping, during play it could fluctuate to 200 ms ping. Not such a meaningful...
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    Why is my ping always so high?

    The first thing to do when troubleshooting your Internet connection is to determine the source of your connection issues. First, you should check whether your connection is to blame at all: Go to your computer, disconnect all other devices and computers from your network, close all programs on...
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    Actual game problem

    You added mods to your… computer? That said, I affirm the suggestion to upload your SRB2 log file anyway, although it still holds true that missing DLL issues are not specific to a single application.
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    SRB2 Kart Deadlocking

    A good check when your computer freezes is to press CapsLock, NumLock, or ScrollLock and see if the physical indicator for the key changes light. (Keyboards and laptops should have a physical indicator for at least one of these keys, usually CapsLock as it's the most used key out of these...
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    Actual game problem

    Do you have other issues with your computer? Have you changed anything recently? Missing DLL issues are not specific to SRB2.
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    RIP Windows 10

    Where are these stats from? (That's software, not hardware, btw.)
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    someone named light bein rude on servers

    You can ban players on your server. Be sure to use this ability with care, so you would be fair and consistent to your players, otherwise some people could be alienated. I'm fairly sure there's a command to ban players, there's a wiki page detailing all the commands and variables, you can...