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  1. Drflash55

    How did you get your Username...

    ...My older brother called himself Mr.flash55 way back when in 2008. Back then I wasn't creative, being so young, so I took it for myself, replaced "Mr" with "Dr", and took out the period so that it would be called "Drflash55". No one gets us confused nowadays, because he now calls himself...
  2. Drflash55

    Hyper Forms

    A return to the original hyper forms in 2.2? Sick. Can totally use this for my next Ultimate Cheat joke video.
  3. Drflash55

    10 questions about the ultimate cheat

    Man, I did that whole thing as just a joke. I never actually thought people would take it seriously (maybe should've uploaded it on April 1st or something). Yes, it has always been. It is indeed fake. I loaded in "hyper.lua" before the game booted up and used a bind in the console to turn...
  4. Drflash55

    Why does everyone hate the srb2 gamebanana?

    ...That sounds about right, honestly. And by that I mean it checks out with my memory of just how fucking strict they were. I think I even got an infraction once when I made a passing remark about the topic that I thought was contributing to it, and I got warned for necroposting. Was the first...
  5. Drflash55

    About "portlegs" and the MS rules

    I do indeed remember those servers back in the day. They were quite a blast to hang out in. As for the main topic of this whole post... it's not something I entirely want to disagree on, but it's a hard to pill to swallow. I definitely am in the boat of, "Man, this was so cool playing it back...
  6. Drflash55

    SRB2Hub for 2.2!!

    Hey, I'm all down for it. I loved using this as my hangout server back in 2.1, and I'm glad to see someone is keeping it maintained, and even adding stuff to it to make it all the more wholesome to stay in.
  7. Drflash55

    Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

    For anyone curious... this just doesn't work with Linksys routers. For some dumb reason, a Windows update ended up borking it a long time ago. Was already reported years prior, but Microsoft has practically done nothing to amend the situation. So if you have a router like that... then you're...
  8. Drflash55

    Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

    I learned that in order to get Hyper Sonic in netgames, you always have to complete Black Hole Zone as him for each and every single session. Luckily I've been playing it a lot, so it's not like it's a bad thing but... a minor inconvenience at best for taking about 3 minutes or so depending on...
  9. Drflash55

    [Open Assets] BotSkin - Pair up any 2 characters

    & Knuckles Oh my god. Think of the possibilities! YOU CAN PLAY AS KNUCKLES AND KNUCKLES!
  10. Drflash55

    HMS123311: Remastered

    It's been 2 years, and Wolfy has not released the next version of HMS123311, the one that's able to kill Brak Eggman in one hit, and have the invincibility stars around him... I wonder what he's been up to, actually, since it's been a LONG while since I last talked to him and gave him the gifs...
  11. Drflash55

    F. Sonic

    Alrighty, sounds good to me...
  12. Drflash55

    F. Sonic

    So, I guess this is totally legal?
  13. Drflash55

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    This mod has to be updated again for V2.1.15... When trying to play this mod with the newest version, all of the unlockables are missing, and trying to play in the gaming section, usually ends up with the game freezing (at least with me when I entered GFZ's hub). For now, this is outdated...
  14. Drflash55

    Silver The Hedgehog [dot pk3]

    I'd like it if the mechanic from Sonic 06 carried over to SRB2, where you could grab your opponent and throw them across the map... That'd be aawwwweeeesoommee! . w .
  15. Drflash55

    Thokker - Let's play "Kick the Crawla"!

    *sees the Claws For Alarm map* What could pawssibly go wrong? EVERYTHING.
  16. Drflash55

    GIF recordings cut off

    I've been noticing that when I record gifs, they all seem to cut off around 56 seconds and start from the beginning. It's been happening a lot and I don't seem to know anyway around this. It's also pretty annoying because I can't record gifs longer then a minute or it will stop automatically...
  17. Drflash55

    My OC Speedruns

    ---------- Post added 04-25-2014 at 12:11 AM ---------- Previous post was 04-24-2014 at 11:54 PM ---------- With some help, I was able to get this in. GFZ Act 1 0:07.40 THZ Act 1 0:31.74
  18. Drflash55

    Problem with gifs.

    I can't seem to paste gifs in here without it giving a 500 error. Can someone help me with this?
  19. Drflash55

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    Nice hub and everything! The next gen of SRB2ROCK!
  20. Drflash55

    [Open Assets] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    You can also bounce in the water with it to get really high heights with it! Sorta breaks the game a little too much... XD Also, the bots are really smart to get some air if they need it. They grab a air bubble then come back to you, then repeats over and over.