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  1. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Emerald Quest

    Quick but dumb idea. The original double final bossfight was kinda cool, so now that you took off the low gravity and Eggman's health, what if you add a nerfed Metal?
  2. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Jet Metal Sonic

    I'm unsure, I just stop moving to use the charge jump, fully charge it and it randomly fails.. I think it's cuz' I inmideatly try to go foward, but it have happen when I don't do that.. And also, looks like it's more consistent if you do it against a wall, but it isn't something with collision...
  3. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Jet Metal Sonic

    As I already said, it's the last one, 2.2.10, literally downloaded like a week ago
  4. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Jet Metal Sonic

    Last version.. I literally downloaded it like a week ago 1664673033 It happens randomly so I don't know if I can get a gif, but I'll try 1664674543 Well, never mind, I actually got a gif first try, but it was too big so I did dumb stuff for a lot of time to try and get it, so... Yeah, here's a...
  5. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Jet Metal Sonic

    Hey! Ummm.. Just a quick bug report.. For some reason, since I downloaded the update the charge jump doesn't work properly, usually when the first mid-air ability I use is a fully charged charge jump it barely gives me heigth
  6. Crimer 0.0

    Piroli the Butterfly

    Quick question, I just noticed that if you neddle into a spring you'll be able to fly and use the needle again, while if you just run into a spring it will cancel all your mid-air abilities like normal. Was this supposed to be like that or did I just found a glitch? PD: Same thing happens if...
  7. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    Months ago I said I loved this mod and I still do, but for some twisted reason the game crashes when going to GreenFlowey act 3, I'm starting to think that it is something intensional, but why?
  8. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Nasya the Weightless - V2.0.1 - The Pants Update

    It's not bad, but still not good The concept is really cool, but it's not playable at all and I really don't want to be bad, but I can't with her, it's horrible trying to fight any boss with her, I beated the Metal's race with almost any character, but with this is not possible
  9. Crimer 0.0

    [Open Assets] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    Model? I'm really suprised that this character don't have a model or at least it's enough hard to find that I didn't find one If someone knows pls tell me, I need a model of this