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  1. Kosmo


    nya now we just need NAC/Neco-Arc Chaos and my life will be complete
  2. Kosmo

    Sydoh's Melty Kart Pack (Melty Blood)

    okay, i completely understand if you cannot do them, and i won't be mad about it
  3. Kosmo

    Sydoh's Melty Kart Pack (Melty Blood)

    i really like this pack, melty blood is currently one of my favorite fighters and it's nice to see it getting more representation. i do have a couple of small gripes though, like warachia and nanaya's stats. warachia was never portrayed as a slow and heavy character in melty, he's on the more...
  4. Kosmo

    [Open Assets] Sneakerless Record Attack - For Kart v1.3 [Revision 2]

    this mod has an interesting concept, but it just fails horribly due to the fact that most tracks sneaker-less are kind of bland and very boring. i've been a kart player for a long time, and RA never really interested me at all, minus getting all the gold medals, which is a very bland and boring...
  5. Kosmo

    Introduce Yourself

    never posted here, might as well make my presence known somewhat yo, name's kosmo. i play fighting games and srb2kart. joined the kart community somewhere around early 2019 and i've had a hell of a good time since. i don't really play srb2, but i dabble in it from time to time. i like a...
  6. Kosmo

    [Character] Akatsuki & Blitztank [v1]

    man, this is by far one of my favorite character packs already just by the fact that it's for akatsuki blitzkampf, good pack! the roster is limited, but i can make due with only having 2 characters. sai would be a pretty good choice though you'd have to find his lines somewhere or rip them yourself
  7. Kosmo

    What is your guys opinion on the new message board so far?

    it looks much better than VBulletin for sure, but as for how it handles i'll have to wait and see i don't normally use the message board to begin with but now i actually might lol