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  1. Biielz

    Tails Guy: Shooter of all the things!

    Rocket jumps.... why is Team Fortress 2 trying to get into my life again?
  2. Biielz

    Payload Mode

    This feels sorta it was inspired on Team Fortress 2, but anyways, wish i could host it! but my router got changed :/
  3. Biielz

    Kanade "Tenshi" Tachibana

    We need Cory.
  4. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Kart Megamix Themes (Cactus Fix)

    I want Ness and Lucas Please
  5. Biielz

    Super Mario Bros. in SRB2Kart

    He's depressed because no one uses him on smash.
  6. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Hornet from Daytona USA

    Now we just need a bus in the game and it will be all complete.
  7. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Minecraft Steve (KC_Steve)

    The peak of the retarded chars has reached the 5th dimension level...
  8. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Logan McCloud's Low Poly MD2s 2.0 (NOW WITH KART)

    Crawlas has the same problems as knuckles
  9. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Sans the Skeleton - v3 (now with MD2 support!)

    *Insert Sans Undertale music here*
  10. Biielz

    Inazuma the Deer

    Ohhhh Boyyyy time to test it!
  11. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Encore Mode

    Well, all new encore mod to srb2? people knew that this would be a wad, but amazing one
  12. Biielz

    Jeck Jims' Saturn Inspired MD2's-V6 Shadow & Espio face-lifts

    i think the md2 bugged for you?
  13. Biielz

    SRB2 Mod Retriever & Manager

    i can say it ''works'' but it doenst show the mods and the hud after the button is super lagged, i dont know if the answer is because i use windows 7
  14. Biielz

    [Open Assets] S_RiddleJungle.wad - Horror, suspense and exploration

    You are trying to say is, YOU GOTTA FIND THE TRIGGER FOR THE EMERALD!
  15. Biielz

    Jeck Jims' Saturn Inspired MD2's-V6 Shadow & Espio face-lifts

    i've noticed that if you are with the heroes mod, the md2 doesnt work for the other teams, only for sonic team
  16. Biielz

    [Open Assets] Classic Sonic[Model]

    Wow, this model looks much as the official generations one, really impressive
  17. Biielz

    [Open Assets] S_RiddleJungle.wad - Horror, suspense and exploration

    FINALLY THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS IS OVER, now i can stop asking if its ready xD
  18. Biielz

    Lost Dimension

    While i was playing i noticed that there were 2 zones from Sugoi, you created them or did you put in the mod with the permissions of the creator?