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  1. Stig

    Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2

    no worries at all lol!! Kept pushing it back due to schedules not lining up but yeah finally got to it today :D had so much fun. Your level is magnificent.
  2. Stig

    Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2

    So excited to do this pack :wow: It looks rad as hell!! I wanted to do it with friends and so far we've only done 5, we'll get to the rest of them on monday. I made a spreadsheet to record our thoughts if anyone's interested, we're not exactly pros but some of us have gamedev experience (in art...
  3. Stig

    Dano's Partially Accurate Models

    Your Kirby looks great! The one thing I'd ask is to make his sword model a bit bigger/thicker kinda like this. Keep up the good work :D
  4. Stig

    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    I've been dying to participate in these but I always seem to miss the voting for one reason or another. This time I did the vote but I don't think I entered my results (had to make a thread I think?) wasn't in the best place to do it. I really liked all the maps, Tarnish Ward surprised me for an...
  5. Stig

    N64 Mario

    Can't seem to wall kick or cancel swimming in the 1.2 update :dramahog: What's the key for wall kick?
  6. Stig

    [Level Pack] Marsh Mayhem Pack [NEW MAP - MARBLE ZONE]

    Just discovered this pack and I feel like a crazy obsessed person solo karting these stages for the past 3 days, even got my friends to play just to see them. It's like you took Stardust Speedway/Metallic Madness and Bellbridge out of my child mind and gave it to me today. Then a Virtua-On track...
  7. Stig

    [Open Assets] (v1.2) Aqua Paradise Zone - Enhanced Edition

    Love love love the look of this stage, so much CD/Chaotix/Ristar vibes. It's just too short, I play it like 5 times over with the same character. Maybe I just want an Act 2 lol. My least favorite part is that stretch where I have to spring bounce under water from platform to platform. End up...
  8. Stig

    [Open Assets] Rebound Dash - experimental Sonic ability

    After playing around with this for many multiple games I think I can comfortably say I prefer this to thok. Really fun and better gives the effect of pinballing Sonic around in the air.
  9. Stig

    [Open Assets] Horseradish Holm Zone

    Had to sign up to say I love this stage. Cleared it with every character after jamming through it with Junio Sonic. It's cramped but I don't think that's bad, every screen is full of something to look at and makes me want to dive in. I can't fully explain it but it gives me Sonic Jam/ Sonic...