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  1. Chromatian

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    This character...almost too accurately represents (for better or for worse) Modern Sonic gameplay. It's far more impressive than I expected it to be, you did a great job! I was looking through the customizations and noticed that you have Sonic Rush's Hud, but none of Ryan Drummond's voice clips...
  2. Chromatian

    Nepgear 1.0

    Nepgear from Hyperdemension Neptunia has joined her sister in the race! Faster and Lighter than Neptune, can Nepgear show her sister how strong she's become? -All sprite credit belongs to Fabulous Ninji
  3. Chromatian


    Chromatian submitted a new resource: Nepgear - Nepgear, from the Hyperdemension Neptunia Series Read more about this resource...
  4. Chromatian

    [Open Assets] Nights Edge Zone

    You've got some cool ideas and layout here plagued by some questionable choices. Right at the start I was looking around examining the area, and nearly died to a Pophat shooting straight onto my spawn. You should always give the player some space to breath and feel safe near the start of a...
  5. Chromatian

    SRB2Kart General Discussion Thread

    A place for a more formal and permanent discussion about SRB2Kart as a whole when Discord just isn't good enough. Two things to keep in mind: This is for discussion of the current version of Kart. Do not ask about anything related to a new patch or the next version. Go check out the thread in...
  6. Chromatian

    [Open Assets] SRB2NetPlus 2.2.4-v4: Play without control lag!

    This is a deal breaker for most of the new players to SRB2. Many of them came for Sonic, not First-Person-Shooter with ghetto balancing. 2.2 has barely touched what is left of Ringslinging gametypes, and they seem to be heading out of the door in the future. I remember you working on...
  7. Chromatian

    Koopa Kavern Zone

    Prime already covered most of what needed to be mentioned, so I'll just point out that the Knux-only paths can be taken with any character, and Knuckles can go through the No-Knux paths as well. If it was intentional then cool, but if you want to force knuckles down his route, you'll need to do...
  8. Chromatian

    Volcano Base

    This was a fun 3 Act Zone! The split path with the two forests roads and big gray cliff was a refreshing way to incorporate upper and lower routes and the Spirals cliff were fun to run around. They had the air bobbing effect applied to them though, so if you moved too slowly, the platform would...
  9. Chromatian

    [Open Assets] Chaos Zero

    Massive stat inaccuracies
  10. Chromatian

    Uekawa-style Sonic (KUSonic)

    Love the spritework. Dreamcast-Advance Era Sonic is rarely done in SRB2, so this is a breath of fresh air. (If only you could do the same for Vanilla too. hint hint
  11. Chromatian

    [Open Assets] Verdant Raceway

    Alright, so, I like this map. It's well-constructed an had a some good texturing, The slope play is also in the same style as Lake Magorite was, which is great... But the overall design lacks any sort of personality. While the turns are different, there is never much unconscious decision making...
  12. Chromatian

    [Open Assets] Lake Margorite v4

    So, yeah... This shit is REALLY good! Your course design, attention to detail, and slope play makes the course really dynamic and engaging, it feels like it came straight out of one of our best level designers. Great road width and a bunch of shortcuts ranging from easy to advanced make this a...
  13. Chromatian

    Azusa Miura

    Quality of this should NOT be ignored, she's actually the most interesting character to come out so far, in my opinion. I love it
  14. Chromatian

    SRB2 Top Down

    "ERROR: File assetpack.t not found." Check your zip file for and put that into the folder.
  15. Chromatian

    Jeck Jims' Saturn Inspired MD2's-V6 Shadow & Espio face-lifts

    These models will provide almost perfect frame-rate even with all enemies loaded, the poly and file sizes are drastically reduced compared to the other models, so keeping them all on (minus maybe Crawlas and rings due to their nature) is highly recommended for the best experience. It sure as...
  16. Chromatian

    SRB2 Top Down

    Impassible Since when???
  17. Chromatian

    SRB2 Top Down

  18. Chromatian

    SRB2 Top Down

    It's finally over
  19. Chromatian

    Seraphic Skylands Zone

    A lot of my complaints seem to be fixed by just not playing Sonic or Tails. The platforming doesn't really do much to aid their abilities. The wind currents are amazing for Knuckles, though. Now, some bugs: Wonky Linedef/Missing texture...
  20. Chromatian

    [Open Assets] Checkered Zig Zags, a graphics replacement! (CheckeredZigZags.wad)

    So I've gotta ask, is it okay if I use some of your graphics for my levelpack? I've been looking around for some graphics to help differentiate from vanilla, and some of yours pretty much fit the bill. You'll be in the credits when it finishes too! someday...