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  1. crazybark


    this is what ive wanted in a sonic game since mania, thank you
  2. crazybark

    Need help finding more walls

    hey im trying to make a universal ledge grab like adventure sonic, currently works on most ledges but some like the black boxes in techno hill, certain slants, and moving platforms dont work. any suggestions?
  3. crazybark

    Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

    meant everyone dont know why i typed everything
  4. crazybark

    Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

    this ledge grab should legit be on everything
  5. crazybark

    Bean the Dynamite

    welp, i now have a new main character to play
  6. crazybark

    Wall Angles?

    //right freeslot("MT_WALL_NN6", "S_WALL") mobjinfo[MT_WALL_NN6] = { doomednum = -1, spawnstate = S_WALL, deathstate = S_INVISIBLE, xdeathstate = S_INVISIBLE, spawnhealth = 1, damage = 0, speed = 4*FRACUNIT, radius = 8*FRACUNIT, height = 8*FRACUNIT, flags =...
  7. crazybark

    Wall Angles?

    im trying to make the character align with the wall, currently the character shoots a projectile to there left and gets the angle of the wall and compares it to the players to check how to set the players angle. it works sometimes and other times it just flips the player the other way
  8. crazybark

    [Open Assets] Fang Popgun Modifications

    i legitimately wish this was vanilla
  9. crazybark

    Tangle the Lemur

    this is as fun as it is hard and i LOVE IT!
  10. crazybark

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    Neo sonics feels stronger than old toei/junios was. Plus having both would just feel cool
  11. crazybark

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    Gonna miss the flow homming attack, but the bullet dash is sick. im guessing it was a creative choice to get rid of it instead of map one to spin in the air?
  12. crazybark

    how do you detect walls?

    im trying to make a character who passively runs along walls (like knuckles climbing but with a different animation) and was wondering if you could detect walls to your side, and if so how?
  13. crazybark

    [Open Assets] Spyro the Dragon

    oh this is sick
  14. crazybark

    [Open Assets] Jet the Hawk - V1.1 - now slightly less broken

    i love this character, his lack of offense sometimes hurts when i want to hit an enemy or an item box but you get used to it. also i think if the trick was mapped to pressing jump while holding a direction instead of just holding he would feel easier to control