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  1. Thompson

    [Single Player] Molten Mountain(Demo)

    Single player level demo, Molten Mountain.
  2. Thompson

    Thomp's Project: SRB2 - The Solar Egglipse

    Hi. SINGLE PLAYER LEVEL PACK Obviously this is a project that I'm working on. Some of you have been let on that I was working on this in the future. Not really going to lecture. Let's just get to the point, story, and stuff. Some of you have already played 3 of my levels that's going to be...
  3. Thompson

    [Open Assets] Crumbling Canyon Zone (scr_crumblingcanyon-v1.4)

    Changing the music is possible. Though as I noticed you said "dynamically change the music" that linedef effect doesn't allow you to contribute it in a specific manner such as crescendos and decrescendos.
  4. Thompson

    Sparkling Icecap (s_sparklingicecap.wad)

    Sorry for the delay for releasing this after the ending of the contest. My computer started to have issues which was preventing me to fix up the map. But luckily I found a way to solve the dilemma. So, alright here. Let me try to redeem myself by releasing this version of Sparkling Icecap. This...
  5. Thompson

    [Open Assets] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    You listed that you renamed the .md2 file to "sonic". You also have to rename the skin that's in your MD2 folder to "sonic" as well Chrome.
  6. Thompson

    [Open Assets] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    I usually refer 'secrets' as hidden items.
  7. Thompson

    [Open Assets] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    I decided to go through this one more time with my newly improved laptop, and I must say, "this was really, really, spectacular!" This time, when I played through this, I was expecting some HUGE major lag, since those were one of the problems with this zone, but there wasn't as much lag as I...
  8. Thompson

    A trigger question

    Is there a way I can trigger a linedef by command? If so, please tell me how.
  9. Thompson

    Ring Count problem...

    Is there a way that you could trigger the ring count sector with 2 players or more? I mean if I wanted all players to trigger it I would change the sector effect to "Anywhere/Floor Touch, All Players" but this doesn't seem to work for some reason. It seems to only work if there's one player that...
  10. Thompson

    custom ambience

    Does anyone know how to do this? I want my ambience to be like that water ambience and stuff, but I have no idea how to do this.
  11. Thompson

    Srb2 - Srb2k6regenerated mod

    Mod In Progress Srb2 - Sonic Robo Blast 2006 Regenerated Irc Channel Grab a Irc client and join #sth360re if you'd like more info about sth360re and development progress. Maybe even secrets revealed, irc betas, and more sexy level pics! Levels -HUB WORLDS Soleanna Castle Town New City...
  12. Thompson

    Change Object Effect (linedef 425)

    I tried using this for my map and everything works! Except...Why does it a enter a gravity effect with the Change Object effect? There's no other sector I made that has anything relevant to gravity. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Edit: Never mind. :/ I fixed it myself.
  13. Thompson

    No more enemies.

    I need help with the no more enemies linedef. Since I don't know how to make the boss end the level after dying ( You could tell me how to do that too if you want. The ways in 1.09.4 and 2.0 aren't the same. Which isn't very cool :< ) I wanted my maps to be flow very well. Studying it from any...
  14. Thompson

    About the night bumpers in 2.0

    Does anyone know anyone know how to make all the types work? I tried making a upwards Nights Bumper, but it doesn't work. Halp D:
  15. Thompson

    [Open Assets] TailsDollCE.wad

    nitro or something...
  16. Thompson

    Do you play in the band?

    If so, I want you to know that I play percussion( snare drums, bass drum, mallets) Discuss how long you've been in the band. Discuss why you wanted to be in the band. Discuss what songs you play. (what I'm trying to learn how to play is this song called Flight of the thunderbird . It's a hard...
  17. Thompson

    I'm I the worst user here....

    Be honest..
  18. Thompson

    STH360 (50 % done) continues elsewhere

    This mod is based off of Sth360(Sonic '06) the reason why I call it 360 is because I have the 360 version and well it sounds better than STHPS3. RNG SONIC progress (13% I guess) Now download! STH360.wad final (uncomplete) Sth360 music...
  19. Thompson

    Something is wrong with my map

    ok my problem is that every time i get at the end of the forest part this noclip just comes out of nowhere heres some screenshots notice that im in the noclipped floor notice im still in the noclip floor but better screenshot notice that sonic is about to fall and heres download...
  20. Thompson

    What's your ip

    I would like to know what your ip so feel free to tell me and other people. if you dont know your ip go here also i dont know why I posted this topic, it was just so random.