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    Can confirm. Going into special stage 2 kills you instantly.
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    [Open Assets] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    Is there anyway to have this while using opengl?
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    [Open Assets] Spinfly Alley - A Tails challenge map

    I wonder if it's possible with Wheel Kirby. Kirby has a "Spinfly" technique I like to call the Wheelfly
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    N64 Mario

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    N64 Mario

    Is N64 Mario BuddyEx compatible? If so, what's the command to add him in?
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    Shadow the Hedgehog

    What secret? I just beat the game and the message showed up... (Update: nevermind, I figured it out.)
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    Another concern with Team Sonic. Why does Tails die when he touches or goes underwater?
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    One of the best character mods out there!
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    I see. Thank you!
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    This is a great mod! I love the Team Sonic character selection. But for some reason I can't get Tails to go super and when I try to swap to him in super form, it wears off.
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    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    Okay, thanks!
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    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    Is it possible for me to use SPB Attack in single player?
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    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    So i'll be able to reply all 3 on v.2.2.9? Rad! 1626836286 *replay
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    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    Will this be compatible with the recent game?