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  1. Pippu

    Lacrima Castle

    Very nice map, my only complaint is the fact that everything is so blue sometimes makes it hard to tell where to go. You use a yellow line texture that contrasts really well with the blue, but only in some places. I would really like to see most of the map have those kind of yellow-gold leading...
  2. Pippu

    [Script] [1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance

    Oh I love these changes, very cool
  3. Pippu

    [Character] Pippack V1

    Pippu updated Pippack V1 with a new update entry: Added Fululu, and thus rebranded to a character pack! Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Pippu

    [Character] Pippack V1

    Pippu updated Maha Subare with a new update entry: Recolor Change Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Pippu

    Pippack V1 - V1.2: Recolor Change

    With how she was colored, most of the palettes looks like garbage. I swapped the blues and the browns, and I left the hair recolorable because I figured it helps visibility. Palettes are also a nice little way for players to express themselves, so I figured that's more important than her canon...
  6. Pippu

    Pippack V1 2021-06-16

    NEW CHARACTER: Fululu from Mamorukun Curse! The council of Fululu will decide your fate Fululu, a young priestess from the game Mamorukun Curse! I don't actually know much about this game, despite having beaten it, I just know the music is a bop and the character designs are top notch! That's...
  7. Pippu

    [Character] Pippack V1

    An aspiring young demon hunter is coming barreling into kart, and while she might be a little.. slow.. she is eager for any opportunity to show her strength; so get in her way and she'll THWACK you! Her 3,9 stats make plowing over people a cinch! She is riding a sword that she propels by...
  8. Pippu

    [Open Assets] HPMOD

    In my opinion, Mines (and likely Eggboxes too, I don't think I've gotten egg'd with HPMOD on) deal too much damage. Its possibly the easiest item to hit people with, and I'm not sure because racing is distracting but they seem to deal like ~30 damage? It seems like whenever someone gets hit by...