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  1. Warpshade

    Sepwich is dead, long live Sepwich

    It's being taken down. So, yeah. Get your stuff off there before it disappears.
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    [Open Assets] FloatOrb (SOC and example WAD)

    Its downwards wind, and yes. Downwards wind makes you impact more often with the orb making it rise quicker as a result, as far as I can tell. Although now that you've mentioned gravity I've not played with gravity and the orb yet... Actually, unless A_Look() has been rewritten recently, I'm not...
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    [Open Assets] FloatOrb (SOC and example WAD)

    MF_ENEMY is needed to make the SOC work, I wouldn't have used it if I didn't have a reason. I have a few ideas about how to remake it without it, but I figured I'd get this out there before breaking it again. Controlling with Sonic is somewhat slow, yeah, from a level design perspective I think...
  4. Warpshade

    [Open Assets] FloatOrb (SOC and example WAD)

    A while back in 1.09.4 I made something similar to this. This is the same basic concept, though with a change to how it works, for what I feel is a more useful net effect. Anyway, I'm no good at walls of text so I'll put some screenshots up and annotate. Feedback is welcome, and so is using this...
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    SRB2 Doom Builder

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    Enemy Spawners: chaosspawn.soc and mt_ChaoticFactoryZone

    This soc creates several different chaos mode style enemy spawners. This spawner works in all modes and will continously create enemies to fight. This does not spawn: SDURFs Detons Skims Egg Slimers Link: There are eight spawns, Using...
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    Inspirational Music

    What music inspires you? I don't know why, but Europe's The Final Countdown always puts me into a good mood for doing things. Hell March 1 and 2 from C&C: Red Alert 1 and 2 are good too.
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    The first single player level I've actually finished, so criticism is more than welcome. Download Link: Screenies:
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    Linedef 112 assistance.

    Simple question, but what will probably be a complex answer. How do you make Linedef 112 work? (I've examined the wiki, the 'No Linedef Left Behind' thread, and checked through with search on the forum, to no success.)
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    Is my logic at fault?

    Consider the following: Now my thinking was as thus: Is there a fault to my logic?
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    SRB2 Doom Builder

    EDIT: Eh? Okay, this is just wierd. Did someone delete while I wasn't looking?
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    SRB2 Doom Builder

    I'm probably asking for the near impossible here, but when I try and edit MAINCFG in SRB2DB I get the error "Runtime error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument.". That in itself doesn't sound like such a difficult problem, but I'm running it under Wine, so ending explorer.exe (as that link on...
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    FloatOrb.wad (Explanation inside)

    While I was seeing if I could get a boss to work while being pushable, came across this sorta thing. It's not too bad and there's probably a better way to do it, but... anyway, linky: Inside is a wad that...
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    mt_LunarSpike (Made using the SRB2 Asset Package)

    So... yeah, had an idea, did it. On with the screenies! Download link:- Every texture except the sky is...
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    What's your forté?

    What are you particularly good at? Be serious please, and nothing like 'I AM THE BEST AT <insert game here>, because that'll probably derail the topic.
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    Apache Server problems, again

    Well, I had an apache server running, for all of 2 minutes after I deleted the last topic. Any ideas why it doesn't work? Which IP do I need, the one ipconfig gives, or the one that sites like tells you? I thought that it was the latter, but localhost and the ipconfig ip lead...
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    SRB2 Doom Builder

    Putting it in my SRB2DB folder seems to work for me. Even without registering it. (XP-professional)
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    To whom it may concern...

    I'm assuming that this is against some law or license... (The ad at the bottom)
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    Software vs OpenGL: The rational debate

    Here's the thing: whenever someone posts a OpenGL mode screenshot they seem to be targeted for criticism of their renderer choice. This criticism is not constructive, often consisting of such wits as 'OpenGL sux kthxbai' and 'Software or GTFO'. I, for one, am tired of such miscellaneous (sp?)...
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    Private Servers and FFXI

    Do they exist? I know that WoW ones exist, but are there FFXI ones?