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  1. InstantSonic

    SRB2 PSP Port

    I know I probably look like an idiot for asking this, but is that PSP port still being worked on? If so, where could I acquire it? Also, I did use the search function, couldn't find anything on the subject. ---------- Post added at 08:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:02 PM ----------...
  2. InstantSonic

    Sonic and the Death Cheese 2

    A sequel that has been in the works for a VERY long time, now done. Enjoy! Click the logo to download Sonic and the Death Cheese 2! Credits: Sonic, Eggman, Cream, Cheese, RoboCheese, and the Waiter; audio engineering - InstantSonic Tails - ktz-n Knuckles - HedgesMFG Written by Triple Peeps...
  3. InstantSonic

    SAGE is almost here!

    If you have any Sonic games that you've made and possibly want to show off to thousands of people for a week, register it and your SAGE booth in via this website! For those who do not know, the Sonic Amature Games Expo or SAGE is an online convention held every year to show off the latest Sonic...
  4. InstantSonic

    Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2009 Dated!

    HAS BEEN DATED FOR THE WEEK OF JULY 25th to JULY 31st Yes, it's getting close to that time of year again! I'd like to kick off things a little early in preparation of . I will be hosting this year's annual SAGE, along with KTZ. SAGE is a little over 3 months away, which should give everyone...