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    25 Years of SRB2

    same here.
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    Is Possible To Have Sonic Robo Blast 1.0a

    probably by looking around the internet really hard
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    Post your Desktop

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    [Open Assets] Morbius Bucks

    It's never too late to Morb! It's Morbin Time!
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    What control method do YOU guys typically use?

    Up - Forward Down - Backward Left - Strafe Left Right - Strafe Right / - Jump . - Spin C or V - Custom 3
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    What was the first version of srb2 yall played?

    2.0 PSP Port in 2017
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    Pocket Sonic Problems

    You need better find better sprites lol, try searching TSR.
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    srb2 community discord / multiplayer chat / IRC quote thread

    I cant find these but in 2003 hotdog003 asked what an xbox is and in 2021 abdul gave modern sonic a 1 star stating he cant download it.
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    Your favorite Cereal!

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    Pocket Sonic Problems

    That explains why you cant get transparency on that sprite. where did you get it anyways?
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    Pocket Sonic Problems

    Why is the image so low quality?
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    Welcome back!

    I watched some tv shows.
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    binary decoder

    Eh idk unless you change the topic or something 1629414475 Here's the decoder i use btw
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    binary decoder

    Anyway can Google a decoder instead of waiting for someone to do it for you lol
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    How did you found sonic?

    I found sonic on the windows phone store
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    Banana (Mmmm! Bananas!)

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    help for finding something

    Nope, regular thok, new sprites.
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    Red fur, Brown vest. An obscure character.

    Mach, his name is Mach