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  1. Chaos Zero 64

    Confirmed Floating Snailer

    Snailer was not coded to detect if there's no more walls. It will just continue to hover and follow the player.
  2. Chaos Zero 64

    Item Box remains in the air if a Bustable Block disappears

    This glitch should occur with other Things, I just haven't tested them.
  3. Chaos Zero 64

    Duplicate GFZ2 Missing Texture

    On Amy and Fang's path. OpenGL and Software screenshots attached.
  4. Chaos Zero 64

    Tails' pickup arrow while on a moving chain

    See attached image. Speaking of the chains, bots don't jump off and get stuck until you walk away and they have to respawn.
  5. Chaos Zero 64

    SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    SRB2 Riders is finally ready for a release. Well, at least a beta release. Why a beta? Because it's Sonic's 20th Anniversary, that's why! Single Player is clearly unfinished. Without testing, I'm sure NextLevel works the same as in Multiplayer, so no Credits or Unlockables. No 3D models either...
  6. Chaos Zero 64

    Fixed Camera still rotates in NiGHTS mode.

    Pressing Rotate Camera L and Rotate Camera R only works while in devmode. But if you use them in NiGHTS mode to stop Super Sonic, then the camera will be rotated once you revert back to normal Sonic.
  7. Chaos Zero 64

    Fixed LAN Connection

    It doesn't seem like people play with a LAN connection nowadays, but I'd still like this to be fixed. If you try to join under the LAN menu, you get this screen. You try to select the hosted game, but you never join; it just freezes. And for some reason, it appears on the Internet menu, where...
  8. Chaos Zero 64

    Excitebike: World Rally

    If you liked or enjoyed the original, you'll love this WiiWare version. Same basic gameplay, but updated graphics, engine, music remixes, and even WiFi connection. It's not as 'realistic' as the N64 version, but it feels like a classic remake. I actually deleted the NES version after I was done...
  9. Chaos Zero 64


    Vector 2.0, has new jumping sound and new spinning sound. It is highly suggested you play this wad with your friends online.
  10. Chaos Zero 64


    Espio has been updated. The spin sounds and blue thok trail has been removed.
  11. Chaos Zero 64

    Metal Sonic

    Metal Sonic 2.0, has new jumping sounds and missing Transforming into SuperSonic sprites.
  12. Chaos Zero 64

    Xbox 1080 The handheld is official, but that design isn't. But it looks like Microsoft will now finally be competing with Nintendo and Sony. Will it be better than the PSP? Or far worse?
  13. Chaos Zero 64


    I have the new DVD with me here. It was first all about Bender, then later on it was about time traveling and the clones who were facing their doom. Has anyone seen it already? It was certainly a hilarious movie.
  14. Chaos Zero 64


    DOWNLOAD This mod simply replaces the Red team with the Green team, and the Blue team with the Orange team. The only known bugs is "ORANGE TE", as seen in the screenshot. Same with Green.
  15. Chaos Zero 64

    Are you a Dog or a Cat person?

    My family has always prefered the dog. Sure, I enjoy the cat and its matureness, but I've grown to like a dog.
  16. Chaos Zero 64

    CZ64's Characters Topic

    Here are most of the characters I've done, be it for normal SRB2 or for Mods. Not all of them are ported to 2.0 yet, so please be patient. To download 1.09 versions, go to Use the download link below to get all 2.0 characters on a single zip. Charmy 1.09 Espio 2.0...
  17. Chaos Zero 64


    This level pack contains old levels that aren't on the SRB2 Match/CTF rotation anymore. This update allows all maps to play in Tag, and now includes 4.35's Special Stages. Get more info about it here:
  18. Chaos Zero 64

    SRB2 Traditions

    Discuss any tricks, ideas, or anything that you now see everybody doing it in netgames, etc. The one idea that I now see everybody doing it is the spin-before-hitting-the-spring idea. Ever since the 1.08/9 days, I've noticed everybody doing it. Another one is when I jump instantly after...
  19. Chaos Zero 64


    SRB2 Mirrored is a simple mod that mirrors SRB2's levels, much like Mario Kart's Mirror Cup. Get more info about it here:
  20. Chaos Zero 64

    Do you play fair?

    Do you play fair by not killing idle players, or are you a murderer of anything that moves? I play fair, because I know that no one wants to be hit when they're AFK or checking IRC. Let's see if you're a murderer who can't win the game, meaning you have to thok around and kill everyone to even...