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  1. Professor Eevee

    [Reusable] A.I.R Eevee V.1.4.5

    So A.I.R Eevee is finally in SRB2 and after a loot of criticism he is now re worked or at least in a RE-Work beta so much will change before v2 so without further to do... INFO So if u dont know who A.I.R Eevee is well simply he is a fast Eevee that teamed up with Tails back in sonic 3 A.I.R...
  2. Professor Eevee

    [Reusable] A.I.R Eevee joins the race!

    This is A.I.R Eevee and he joins the race to well join another sonic fan game and he is wierd derpy and poorly made but still budget enugh. so A.I.R Eevee is a speed 9 and a wheight of 3 to make him fast and light. so A.I.R Eevee is color changeable to and uh i dont know what else to say but...