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  1. Yoshirocks90

    SuperColors for 2.2

    After seeing the new skin colors in 2.2, I decided to update my old SuperColors script from 2.1 to 2.2. This new version includes an updated look for most of the old colors, as well as many new ones, as well as a changelog within the script. Information on how to use the script is sent in the...
  2. Yoshirocks90

    Front-Facing sprite flashes in opengl

    Sorry if this has been noted before, but when setting up player color in multiplayer with opengl, if you select another color first (for example, scrolling through the colors to get to the one you want), the walking animation displayed in the menu will remain the original color and briefly...
  3. Yoshirocks90

    [MP Level] Generic Warehouse (Match)

    Small spaces means close combat... I present to you... Generic Warehouse Zone ...with special guest Bad Naming... After months of wanting to make a new map, I finally did. Battle in narrow spaces between boxes Fight in the maze of vents The only real notable thing about this is that...
  4. Yoshirocks90

    Transfer line help

    So I've tried using the wiki to help me with transfer lines to show different textures for each side, and, after doing as the wiki says, it won't work. I tried looking at the example and this doesn't work properly either. Is the transfer line effect broken, or am I doing this wrong?
  5. Yoshirocks90

    Psychological Help?

    I've been having this problem lately... I feel different, as if I'm not supposed to be here. And I don't mean here as in the mb, I mean here as in this planet... I don't know why, but I just feel like there's something important about if I'm supposed to do something...amazing, is what it...
  6. Yoshirocks90

    A Few "Theories"

    So, I've made a few theories about the universe a while ago. I've shown it to a couple of my teachers, one of which was my Astronomy teacher, who found it interesting. However, due to a lack of money/technology, I can't exactly provide evidence, and there's probably some kind of problem in...
  7. Yoshirocks90

    Adding New Things to the HUD/Creating A Menu

    I'm trying to do an upgrade script where you use rings to upgrade player stats, shields, and unlocking new abilities by using banked rings/current rings collected in the level. But I don't know how to add a HUD. I wan't a few things to show up under the ring count (banked rings, a few of the...
  8. Yoshirocks90

    What's strange about you?

    What are the strange/unusual things about you? This applies to how you look, act, and think. For me, my strange things are: I have nyctophilia, I can tolerate -10 degree (F) weather when I'm awake, but not 35 degree (F) weather when I'm asleep, and I have a tendency to skate when I walk (I'm...
  9. Yoshirocks90

    Mod Testing

    First, I'm not asking for someone to make mods for me, but rather a small group to test the mods that I make during various points in production. I'm doing this instead of posting WIP mods in editing since sometimes there may only be a possible change before submissions, and if it's not...
  10. Yoshirocks90

    [Script] Super Colors V3.1

    [Introducing V3 of the Super Colors script] And now 3.1 In this simple, 300+ line script, you are presented with one command: superset. The superset command allows you to chose from predetermined sets of colors for when you turn super. Typing 'superset' or 'superset help' will list all...
  11. Yoshirocks90

    Super Color Cycle Rate

    What is the rate, in terms of ticrate for super colors? It would be helpful if the answer were in the format of "1 * TICRATE / x", where "x" is a number that you would divide TICRATE by to get the length of time for each super color.
  12. Yoshirocks90

    Setting Up Eggscalibur

    I made a makeshift way to reach him during the pinch phase, but how do i set up the cage?
  13. Yoshirocks90

    [Script] Team Colors (For Some Variation)

    This here is a script so you can change your colors in Team Match/CTF. Colors are restricted based on team, and some are not available at all. Commands: playercolor <color/help>: sets the color to use in Team Match and CTF. player2color <color/help>: sets the color for player 2 to use in CTF...
  14. Yoshirocks90

    Yoshi's Luas (Maybe eventually SOCs...?)

    This is my thread for posting things I make with SOCs and Lua. Right now, I don't have any SOCs to show, but I have Luas: --Yoshi's Quick Stop Ability local CanQuickStop = 1 local HasQuickStopped = 0 addHook ("ThinkFrame", for player in players.iterate...
  15. Yoshirocks90

    COM_AddCommand Help

    I don't have a file for it, but how, exactly, do i use COM_AddCommand? I've tried using the wiki (several times) but I still can't manage to do it right.
  16. Yoshirocks90

    Software Water Problem Why does this happen? If it can be fixed, then how? Neither Zone Builder or OpenGL do this.
  17. Yoshirocks90

    Slope FOF Problems

    This is my problem. How can I fix it?
  18. Yoshirocks90

    Another Lua Problem

    local PlayerHeight = addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if = "yoshi" & player.powers[pw_super] & PF_JUMPED & (player.cmd.buttons & BT_USE) then = PlayerHeight else end end end) When I add the script, I get this in the...
  19. Yoshirocks90

    Name Not Capitalizing in Multiplayer

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but whenever I use a capital letter in my multiplayer name, it lowercases.
  20. Yoshirocks90

    Checking for Fire Flowers

    How do i use lua to check if the player has a fire flower? The closest I can get is checking if the player's color is white and if they have a shield.