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  1. Starlight

    inachars knocko- I mean, Potential "Starchars!"

    hi lol Been doing something silly haha My cat oc, Willo, has his stand rotation, fall rotation, and 3/5 cycles of his walk animation done. My frog oc, Ness, has his stand rotation, 2/5 sprites of his fall rotation, and a continue animation done.
  2. Starlight

    [Character] Feels The Rabbit!

    Silly rabbit, you can't drive! Yep. It's him again. STATISTICS: Color: Periwinkle. Closest thing to his SRB2 custom skincolor harmonic. Stats: 8 Speed, 1 Weight (has Sonic's speed, but lighter.)
  3. Starlight

    Feels The Rabbit!

    Why, Look! that's Feels The Rabbit! How about that. Feels The Prototype Rabbit This character is the idea of "What if Sonic's Prototype was never scrapped? And what can it change for all of its fangames? Specifically SRB2..." Many months of hard-work, effort, and some friendships made...
  4. Starlight

    Secondcolor Shenanigans: Act 1

    I want to give secondcolor to my upcoming character, but i dont know how on earth to do it. A little help here?
  5. Starlight

    Feels The Rabbit for SRB2

    Feeling good? Alright. So I've started development on Feels The Rabbit. If you don't know who that is I can't blame you. He's basically Sonic's prototype. I've started this project as my Big "Leap of Faith" in this fan-base. And I'm currently in the works of making a fangame of my own, once...
  6. Starlight

    [Reusable] SA1 Spindash - It doesn't matter!

    Huge thanks to these wonderful people! Zipper (Discord) Monster ɪestyn (Discord) kays (Discord) Ladies and Gentlemen, Adventure fanfricks and classic elitists, I present to you the SA1 Spin-dash. Or roll dash. Or Spam-dash- oh forget it. Slightly simple lua that allows the entire cast (yes...
  7. Starlight

    All vanilla characters need their super form.

    This issue me and many others have in srb2 hasn't been touched at all. The fact that you have to collect all emeralds, and find ALL 200 emblems JUST for the rest of the cast to go super. It makes the game less rewarding. Rendering emeralds useless if you're not using sonic or metal. PLEASE, I...
  8. Starlight

    Just Green Hill! - Green Hilltop Zone

    Ready for Round 2? Alright, I've learned some things. A LOT of things. Skyboxes, Water, Custom Music, And more complex slopes. So I would like to present to you, Green Hilltop Zone! its literally green hill but its an actual hill I created this mostly for badnik bouncing, since I could rarely...
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    Whats the perfect Sonic moveset?

    It doesn't matter if its 2d or 3d! It counts for all genres. In my opinion, I'd say uncurling with the drop dash and the super peelout with wall jumping. It gives a Sonic CD-esque moveset, straying from a generic moveset, and closer to a Toei Sonic styled one.
  10. Starlight

    [Reusable] Velvet Valley

    "To live a life of power, you must have faith that you believe is right, even if others tell you you're wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of Time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take...