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  1. A'Dilla

    How did you find srb2

    A weird question I decided to ask: How did you find srb2? And an optional one: How did you evolve? My Answer: I first noticed srb2 in 2019, Garrulous64, Knuckles Channel 3 and Knuckles, and Dave Ace were playing it. (I might rewatch it this year it was funny.) Back to my topic In the end I...
  2. A'Dilla

    I need help on how LUA works

    I created a mod. But because they are re-skins, I decided that I wanted to give them an ability. I took one look at how people do it and I'm never as confused as my life. Is there something like a simple video that can help me get to understand LUA a little bit? Also I would send proof but I...
  3. A'Dilla

    How Can I Compile SRB2 2.1.25? (Mac)

    For some reason. I cannot play 2.1.25 because it can only be used in mac version 10.15 or something. I have 10.11.6, Someone in the discord server said I can compile it. In a more understandable details, how can I compile SRB2 2.1.25 to make it work? Also if there are other ways please tell me...