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  1. ControllerOnAHanger

    Jacen's pile of stuff

    Alright--you may have heard of Jacen, back in the 2.1 days. WELL HE'S BACK But very unfinished. (also xtreme icon is placeholder, in fact there's many placeholders in this rn) That's basically it for now. Expect more progress to be done. Maybe you could put some feedback or something.
  2. ControllerOnAHanger

    [Reusable] Mini Jacen is Ready to Roll!

    A new mini is in town, here! He can speed past basic obstacles with his maxed speed of 9 and minimum weight of 1. Now with 100% more color! Credits: Kart Krew: The game this addon is for The team at Aseprite: The software used to make the sprites KartMaker: The compiler used to make the...
  3. ControllerOnAHanger

    Health Bars for Characters + Removing Elemental Fire Trails

    Ay! I decided to add lava resistance to Jacen, but there are some side effects. 1. Can't use other shields 2. Invulnerable to normal kinds of damage 3. Fire trails Mainly, I'm focusing on 2 and 3 here. Here are a few screenshots: I would like to add a health bar, and remove the elemental fire...
  4. ControllerOnAHanger

    Give A Character Drowning & Suffocation Resistance

    Hello. I want to give a SRB2 character I'm making breathe underwater & in space, but I don't know quite how to. And no, this isn't a HMS123311 remake. Any help on giving the character drowning & suffocation resistance?
  5. ControllerOnAHanger

    SLADE changing ^ to \

    Hello. I'm trying to make a SRB2 WAD, but SLADE keeps changing ^ to \! Tried pasting a sprite with ^ in it already, but SLADE changes that right to an \, too. Help!
  6. ControllerOnAHanger

    [Reusable] Cubehat, the Cube With A Hat (KC_Cubehat-V1.01.pk3)

    Just a hat-wearing cube. Pretty much a default thing for me. The cube is also color compatible, for whatever reason. (I had to use because the SRB2MB took forever or declined it when I put in the color GIF.) Statistics: Speed = 5 Weight = 5 Extra Info: You might have to add...
  7. ControllerOnAHanger

    [Reusable] Jacen is Back with a New Look! (KC_Jacen-V1.02.pk3)

    One day, Jacen thought to himself, "Why am I very basic? Shouldn't I get a makeover?" And he did just that. He's back, with a BRAND new look and new stats! Old Stats: Speed: 6 Weight: 4 New Stats: Speed: 7 Weight: 5 As he is much bigger now, his weight has increased. And, don't you forget...
  8. ControllerOnAHanger

    GIF Land: SRB2 Edition

    Post a GIF of you playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 in any way or form! I will start it off. i might get a warning for this
  9. ControllerOnAHanger

    WAD Progress

    I am making a Mania Sonic WAD and a WAD featuring a custom character that isn't supposed to belong to any universe and is named after me, Jacen! Unfortunately, the Sonic Mania WAD doesn't work in singleplayer. After looking at Blue Blur TV's Sonic...