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  1. Kanna

    Autumn OLDC SP division votes

    1-Foliage Furnace by Kwiin & Kanna (MY LEVEL) 2-Shadow of Aztlan by akirahedgehog 3-Galactic Facility by Mondongo 4-Overgrown Heights Act 2 by InferNOr 5-Knothole Coast by Apollyon 6-Emerald Aether by Krabs 7-Gate Garden by Ruberjig 8-Fatal Factory by Kuba11 9-Alabaster Fountain by BronsoKip...
  2. Kanna

    Foliage Furnace Zone - OLDC (SP) Collab Entry

    Kanna's and Kwiin's collab entry for 2020 Autumn OLDC - Singleplayer Division.
  3. Kanna

    My votes for this summer's oldc

  4. Kanna

    Failur's Trash Map Stash

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA welcome to my trash bag enjoy your stay here we have: wip maps and thats it [for now] enjoy cyan bouncy water (please tell me ways to better improve this boi)