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  1. Draco

    v2.2 - Playstyle & Keyboard Layout

    I play only with KB: Gameplay Style = Simple IUKO = Movement JL = Turn camera left and right D = Jump S = Spin A = Custom 1 Q = Custom 2 W = Fire E = Custom 3 R = TossFlag ZX = Prev/Next Weapon YH = turn camera up and domw (I rarely use this M = Toggle third person The other buttons are the...
  2. Draco

    Lua-Sonic W.I.P

    Yeah, it works good, but the thing is that shadow, modern sonic and werehog already use that tipe of homing attack, and the homing attack of sonic momentum by Mr Bane, works like that if you only spam it, but you can gain speed and a little of height charging it, but do it in the way you want
  3. Draco

    Greenflower Speedway Mod

    You can't use spanish in this forums/No puedes usar español en estos foros
  4. Draco

    Lua-Sonic W.I.P

    I think that is a good idea, but it also can be a combination of spindash and jump
  5. Draco

    Lua-Sonic W.I.P

    I think that the homing thok, can be like the homming attack in sonic momentum, you charge it to build speed, and you only tap to presserve your momentum. It can be, when you charge the homing attack you gain some extra height, and if you tap spin while charging you will do a cancel, so you are...
  6. Draco

    Modern Sonic V5.11

    Go to the first page on discussion, and there is the download
  7. Draco

    Modern Sonic V5.11

    The song is Perfect Dark Gaia, is a orchestral version of endless posibilities
  8. Draco

    [Reusable] LauncherBlast2 reBoot

    It is totally safe
  9. Draco

    Alternative:ER Sonic

    When you post in the forums you have to use english / Cuando posteas algo tienes que usar ingles
  10. Draco

    A New Moveset for Rouge

    I edit the jump launch and put it on rouge and it function very well Using it and glide make her go to the same height of amy's jump I have a gif of it
  11. Draco

    [Reusable] Sonic 2006 - Extended Port v1.03

    It's becouse you have to charge the addons in the same order always, it happens in all the packs of maps
  12. Draco

    [Reusable] VPhysics - Insert Funni thing here - v2.3

    I love their abilites, most sonic, tails and amy, knuckles ability is werid, you eliminate the glide and climb, but is a good ability, a sugestion is still can climb, but only if e hit a wall when falling using his ability. Now metal sonic, his abilities are very good, but he have tu much...
  13. Draco

    [Reusable] SA1 Spindash - It doesn't matter! this is the link
  14. Draco

    [Reusable] SA1 Spindash - It doesn't matter!

    Can I use it for a character mod?
  15. Draco

    [Reusable] Plugin skills: Flame Aura and Will-O-Wisp

    I think editing this can be a very good ability for blaze
  16. Draco

    [Reusable] KReworkD 1.8c - Moveset reworks for Sonic and Tails, new Force Shield ability

    the mod allows knuckles to miltyglide, hold fly to tails, multy hammer to amy, etc.
  17. Draco

    [Reusable] KReworkD 1.8c - Moveset reworks for Sonic and Tails, new Force Shield ability

    1. Characters like werehog and dirk can use their abilities infinitely, the werehog can double jump infinitely and dirk instead of using his stomp use his proppeller flight again. 2. I'm using the multi-ability mod and the characters don't use it.