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  1. Soniku11

    How can i fix this "unfixable" bug?

    So, heyo! maybe some of us know me from my still low quality maps called Industrial hills, and Underwater volcano. Im here asking for professional's help, since i got a bug that has been annoying me from long ago now, since i basically posted the first version of my map, and knowing how long it...
  2. Soniku11

    How to control the distance with Winds

    Heyo! So, hey, a few mins ago from made this thread, i started back to continue developing my test char map, and one thing i wanted to do thanks for someone's suggestion, i wanted to add a fan room, just like the one at the start on ERZ 2, but i have a big issue with it. Even despite being way...
  3. Soniku11

    How horizontal moving floors work?

    So, hey, a while ago, this same day i been toying for a while with FoFs and platforms movement, but im still struggling with something i cant find information of, at least not in the wiki. As you heard from me a few times, im making a test character map with a lot of things to play with, and...
  4. Soniku11

    I need picture references

    Hey! i dont know if i should be asking for this, but if k dont, then just delete this post. Im trying to make a Sonic Jam map in Sonic Robo Blast 2, recreating it as close as possible to the original game, but there is an issue, everyting we have its just video gameplays about it, and its hard...
  5. Soniku11

    I need recommendations for something.

    Hey! sorry for making lose the precious time of whoever's reading this. So, my ever first map was originally was run test map which it was just a small room full with all of the monitor in Golden variant and a long str8 foward line with red springs to make the player bounce back in a loop. And...
  6. Soniku11

    I have a question.

    Hey! how is it going? There is a doubt bout something that has been bugging me for a while, you all remeber how 2.0 controls used to be, right? The exact same input method as the old doom games, limited sometimes, at least in Srb2, as sometimes the jump button doesnt respond or it doesnt...
  7. Soniku11

    Is there any way?

    So, hey, i dont know if this belongs here, as its related to editing the game's files anyways. If not, just tell me and ill see how to delete it. So, i been struggling hard trying to fight against the 2.0.6 controls, while trying to emblem hunt in castle eggman, because sometimes jump doesnt...
  8. Soniku11

    [Reusable] Soniku11's Maps

    Just passing by on the MB to update my abandoned thread after i forgot about it for a long time now. But here you have the maps better than ever and updated, with lot of fixes and improvements
  9. Soniku11

    What's the best way?

    Hey, so.. I been "remaking" one of my maps, which i only been editing a few days, then i left it for a few weeks, and now i wanna do multiple chars path, but i have a doubt with one part. I wanna do a part with spin dash rewarding on the floor, and for those who cant spin, i wanna do an...
  10. Soniku11

    How can i add them?

    Heyo! i made 2 maps a week ago, which both has relationship in their themes. And ill love to make a map pack, to entertain the player with my two maps, as they're both short. But i dont know how to add them into the same file, making a map pack. Can someone tell me the procedure to group 2 maps...
  11. Soniku11

    Which map name do i use?

    Heyo! So, im planning on do a small map, for match, hide and seek or tag, based in underground caves connection, and gfz theme for the outside. And since you will usually replace the first map in case of a Co-op one, im in the doubt. What mapname do you guys usually use when making a match type...
  12. Soniku11

    Auto SigvSegv in Android. Srb2 2.2.8

    I been testing the video config on the android version just a few minutes ago, after being suffering cuz getting insta SigvSegv once the basic config has been loaded. Then just right after i tried one of the high video resolution, i noticed that i got SigvSegv. So, it was that moment i noticed...