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  1. Tyron


    Tyron submitted a new resource: Juicebox - a refreshing take on racing Read more about this resource...
  2. Tyron

    [Reusable] Splits

    Tracks times for multi-course speedruns—similar to LiveSplit or other speedrunning timers, but with no extra programs required. Try splits in console to start a run, and let the script handle the rest. Individual records for all game speeds Saves your best times for every track, in every...
  3. Tyron

    [Reusable] Haste (Deprecated by KartMP) - longer MTs for accel characters

    DEPRECATED, for now. Lat's KartMP includes Haste's functionality, and if it requires updates, I'll be working with them in the future for it. Thank you to everyone who supported the original release! Now go here. [/spoiler]
  4. Tyron

    [Reusable] FRIENDMOD

    It's team racing. Inspired by Snu's Battle+, Fickle's Combi Ring, and a fundamental lack of self-respect. Recommended for large netgames or social butterflies. Features - Make new friends and lose your existing friends in cutthroat team showdowns -...
  5. Tyron

    [Reusable] HOSTMOD

    You should probably read this. Utilities for dedicated servers. Stop syncfails, display information to players, improve stability, script random or scheduled events, allow command voting, check for custom button bindings, more visible admin messages...a bunch of stuff. All features are off by...
  6. Tyron

    [Character] Mido + Dori, from ZeroRanger

    UiiGe6HO_iE From everyone's favorite two-tone indie shoot-em-up. Mido's at 2 speed / 7 weight to match Type-B's more forgiving, fast-and-loose style; Dori's at 8 speed / 6 weight, in keeping with Type-C's more precise approach. Sound effects are taken from the game itself—one of the developers...
  7. Tyron


    Press the Item button with no item to honk. zgziYXKypZg Features: 299+ incredibly abrasive noises i've gay