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  1. Varren

    SP Division Votes

  2. Varren

    Lua Resource Library

    Hey guys! I created a github page of Lua snippets and scripts that SRB2 modders can use in their project a long while ago, and decided now to make it a bit more public in the community The short story to this is: Rather than re-inventing the wheel a thousand more times, I thought it would be a...
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    SRB2 Control Binder (preset binding)

    I use multiple controllers between using keyboard only every now and then, so decided to make a program that allows you to back up your current control scheme, and swap between as many as you need To use: Have your controls set in-game, drop config.cfg from SRB2's game folder into the...
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    var's project/script showcase (Part Two)

    Hey guys! Welcome to a thread full of stuff I will want to show! The last one is a bit old and dated, so I am now starting it over I will be posting WIPs for projects, and levels here over time. I am including scripts previews now when possible, because I believe they could be useful To...
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    [Utility] GetCoord (a sprite coordinate retreiver)

    This is a Lua script for Aseprite that extracts HUD coordinates or creates TEXTURES data using sprite cel layers in the program It can also be used to prototype on screen elements and copy their positions for later use It is very simple to use, and all you need to do in the end is ctrl+c...
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    [EXE Mod] SRB2PlusC

    This mod is no longer being maintained and is not compatible with versions past 2.1.19. SRB2Plusc () is a mod that attempts to introduce some small new features for modders to take advantage of It includes many features and more that I worked on in my spare time Features & Documentation...
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    Issues with map making, Zennode/ZDBSP and netgames

    In DB2 and SRB2DB2, the zennode nodebuilder fails entirely on large maps, mostly because of BLOCKMAP creation failing. SRB2 is capable of making its own BLOCKMAP at runtime, but a previous version of the DB2-friendly configuration files that was available when 2.1 was first released was...
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    [Script] Sound Channels (Music Layers)

    I was asked to release this so This is basically a sound streaming script that allows you to emulate music channels (brstm, aax, etc) and then play whichever, whenever. (think white world from sonic generations) Function: S_StartSoundChannel(player_t player, table{chan1}, table{chan2}, int...
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    chi.miru's project/lua/resource thread

    (previously known as Pac's project/lua/resource thread) I will be posting WIPs for projects, levels, and maybe a few scripts over time because maybe they could be useful to you (most likely not) here's an archive [Masterpost edit] Things will eventually make it to submissions
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    Checking object collision against wall

    For something I'm trying to make, it requires an object to be touching any wall line that isn't too small so it can return the object hitting a wall as true One example I can think of is an enemy copying the climb ability after checking the wall collision to climb directly up the wall after...
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    SRB2Colors - SRB2CB mod

    This modification has been lost as of May 2013 whether or not it will be redone for newer versions is under thought SRB2Colors - Demo Title Logo (E3 Style) Already glancing at the title, you're guessing this is a port. This is not a port. All stages will have original acts built around...
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    Dx_error.c error on compiling

    Ok I've recently been trying to compile the source, but now I'm getting an error in dx_error.c (I'm getting a lot of errors lately, aren't I?) It worked before, but now it's just giving me this Any ideas on how to get rid of this?
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    SRB2DB Interface missing along with runtime error

    I don't know if this happened recently or just now, but I can't even see SRB2 Doom Builder's interface, and when I load any wad I get greeted by a run-time error If you can't see the run-time error message it says "Run time error 381: Invalid Property or array index" Anyone know how to fix this?
  14. Varren

    Trouble running EXE after compiling

    Right now I'm in the process of updating my source to at least for work 2.0.6, but when the compilation is complete and I run the program, the executable comes with the error "srb2win.exe is not a valid Win32 application". Right now I'm in need of help to try to fix this error, so any help is...
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    SRB2TMM: Level Pack (In Development)

    I've been on this for a year now and I think I should have at least someplace to put it now The acronyms stand for The Metal Meteor: Eggman discovers a secret power-filled meteorite located in space which he then reroutes the course of the meteor to Earth, where on impact, will create...
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    SRB2 refusing to run

    Ok I'm trying to finish editing a wad I've been working on for some time now, and srb2win refuses to run or load so I can test it. ALL of my exe's in the folder won't work except for the updater. Also the exe sigsevs upon loading. Normal srb2win.exe It's not only a editing problem but when I...
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    Air Glider

    Since I don't know what else to do with this, I've decided to release this for anyone to use in level making. What it does: This turns Blackeggman's missile mobj into a glider which can be used when jumped onto. If you jump off of it, it will continue to glide off on its own. Landing on the...
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    When opening my wad in SRB2DB I keep getting an error of Overflowing. Does anyone know what is going on at all? I really don't feel like making this map over, and I want to continue it. EDIT: It seems SRB2DB won't open ANY map at all. What now D:?
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    WarioWare D.i.Y. (WiiWare/DS)

    US Cover JP Cover Upon looking at this game (yes I own it) It's pretty awesome. Nintendo is now introducing the way to make your OWN microgames. Using the Mic for music creation or just using the music editor you can make your game anyway you want it. The AI function controls the way your...
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    Who's getting a DSi?

    It's supposed to come out this month. Other than that, are you getting one? I already have one on hold. (Am I in the right section?)