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    SRB2 is for "Android 4.0" and isn't true...?

    So, I was about to try SRB2 for android, and download page says that's for Android 4.0 or later and I said "Ok, I have a phone that has android 4.0.4, let's see if is true" . Moved the apk to my phone's internal storage (not sd one), when I try to install it says "There's a problem to analize...
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    Fixed Max. analog deadzone = Game crash

    So, I was playing SRB2 with my 3DS connected to pc through 3DSController program. Then was testing a bit with gamepad's analog deadzone in-game, setting it to maximum. When you use the analog, game crashes with the following message: Srb2 version: 2.2.2 (Lastest)
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    [Reusable] Nick WolfFang

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make a "return" to the SRB2 modding. And yeah, I have'nt uploaded more addons for this game because studies, work and chores. Although I will be honest, I have also been a bit lazy in finishing my projects. I made a character which was designed for SRB2. His name is...
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    Fixed Executing a TXT a lot makes the game no longer saves your config/data.

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, and I know, I'm not supposed to do this in the game, but executing a txt alot makes the game no longer saves your data/config. How to produce this "bug": 1- Make a txt file with many "addfile <wad>" in it. 2- Execute the txt file in game alot of times until it...
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    NetXCmd buffer full when executing a TXT after checking the MS in-game...?

    Somehow, this happened when I was just checking the MS list in-game and executing the command "exec basicwads.txt". =========================================================================== We hope you enjoy this game as much as we did making it...
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    Fixed Skybox breaks pressing ESC twice after using objectplace

    I have no words for this.
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    [MP Level] Magma Heights [Racing map]

    Here goes another map that I made, "Magma Heights", a level with a lava theme, this level is based in "Lava Reef Zone" from Sonic 3, I know, at the start looks like a kart race map, I just want to add another racing start, and not a simple one.
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    Stalagmite slope is broken when you are too far from it

    I don't know if this is a bug or not, I don't know if this should be in "Editing Help", I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but when you are too far from a stalagmite slope, shows a missing texture, I put the textures at frontside and backside, but when you are closer, it doesn't break...
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    Player gets stuck inside a high-sloped "speedpad" floor

    Well, I was making my race map, my intention is to put a sloped speed pad floor, when I was testing it, the player gets stuck inside it. I don't know if I'm doing something bad, it should be logical if the player thrusts towards at the angle of the slope (of course, if the slope isn't super high).
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    [SP Level] Monsoon Mountain

    A level with a rainy theme, where your goal is to be on top of the mountain, there will not be many enemies, but be careful when falling. If there any errors in the level, PM me.
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    Wav format sounds bad in srb2win.exe

    So, I was playing with modernabilitiessonicce.wad in srb2dd.exe , activated the boost and.. I was wondering : eh? wait a second, this time sounds good, how curious. Now, testing with the 2 exes (srb2win.exe and srb2dd.exe) with the respective wad, boost sound have a wav format. I just noticed...
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    [Script] Run Particles (Run with particle trails!)

    Here comes a new lua that allows all characters (not all) have his own running particles! if player's speed reaches his runspeed, the run particles will appear , enjoy! WARNING!:This lua does not work for characters who have different running states, it will be fixed soon. Special Thanks to...
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    How can i show these buttons in the game?

    So, i was seeing much people submiting gifs and screenshots showing these buttons: How i can show them in the game? Requires a command or something?
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    [SP Level] Lavender World Zone [New version]

    Lavender World Zone from SUGOI! but now its different. A lavender world that includes a new enemy, LVZE-01 (i was´nt thinking about an original name). What it is different compared with the old one (SUGOI Version)?: -The level needs a star post, so i added one. -Replaced the old path with...
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    Edit MAINCFG in Zone Builder?

    Hey guys, I was curious with the Zone Builder, and I was tired of editing the MAINCFG through SLADE3, Saving, reopening the map in Zone Builder, and I wonder: Is there a possibility that I can edit the MAINCFG through Zone Builder ?, if not, I think it is recommendable to put that function to...
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    Kill boss and makes the Move Sector Floor linedef effect

    Guys, how i can make when i kill a boss or enemy, it makes a move sector´s floor linedef effect for a sector?
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    How to put a sprite into the HUD?

    Hello, so, i was seeing Lua/Functions, and i cant get it the hud.add function, so, someone explain me or show me how to do make a sprite appear in the HUD.
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    Carlos´s Massive Junk Wads (CMJW)...?

    Working on this (trying to not force you seeing the gif): WARNING! LARGE GIF: Note: Ignore my personal character, just the map XD. and this: Ninja Knives... i guess? (a replacement for red rings)...
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    math sin and cos are compatible with srb2 luas?

    Hello, so, im curious about the lua, now, i have seen in another engines that can make a scale animation with lua using the sin and cos maths, so, my question is: math sin and cos are available or compatible with srb2?
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    I need help to fix my first boss

    I have a problem with my first boss object, when i hit him (in this case, the boss its me), the boss cant stop flashing or, stop the boss pain effect, here´s the code (WARNING: Large MAINCFG). #Carlos Boss Made by CarlosGamer72 Freeslot MT_CARLOS_BOSS S_CARLOSBOSS_STND S_CARLOSBOSS_WALK1...