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  1. MazesAhoy

    what if the sonic series cast was less expansive?

    like, what if the only type of character that could exist would be a hedgehog? what if the series was still just 2 main characters? (sonic and eggman) what if most of the cast we've come to know and love... never existed?
  2. MazesAhoy

    Speedy the Ringhogger

    MazesAhoy submitted a new resource: Speedy the Ringhogger - ironically, he's not very fast. Read more about this resource...
  3. MazesAhoy

    Mazes' aMAZEing skincolors!

    MazesAhoy submitted a new resource: Mazes' aMAZEing skincolors! - get it? maze is a part of my name? ...forget it. Read more about this resource...
  4. MazesAhoy

    How do i get SRB2 on my 2ds xl?

    I’ve been thinking of doing it for a while now. But the tutorial said to put the srb2 folder in another folder. But i didnt see that folder. I may also not have all the things i need in the srb2 folder: can ya help?
  5. MazesAhoy

    hosting on snap the sentinel

    almost an hour and nobody joined. sorry! (yes i understand people are not going to join instantly. but an hour. yeesh.)
  6. MazesAhoy

    lua coder wanted

    hey! if you clicked on this chances are you dont know what lua is. but if you do, great! im looking for a lua coder for my latest character. "underground" (thread discussing his progress... here!) if you think you can help, pm me. thanks for your help.
  7. MazesAhoy

    U/underground Sonic

    the most powerful version of sonic yet. but its basically going to be another alt-sonic. sorry guys! but still, there wont be much to him. just go faster than any other character in SBR2 before and fire off guitar sound-waves! havent finished doing the freeslot for the sound-wave yet, but this...
  8. MazesAhoy

    whats srdrip2?

    i look at logan mclouds twitter sometime and he retweeted . whats srdrip2? is it a mod? a server?
  9. MazesAhoy

    adding mods in 2.0 and lower

    first i thought you just opened the wad by putting the wad file on top of the srb2win thing but that doesnt work. do i need to use a batch file or something? ---------- Post added at 05:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:00 PM ---------- i found out that the batch file does work. mods...
  10. MazesAhoy

    toggling something using lua

    another lua thing. but i couldnt get a definitive answer from the wiki on how to do this. maybe i was just looking in the wrong places. help would still be nice.
  11. MazesAhoy

    [Reusable] Sonic R abilities

    A very simple script that changes most of the vanilla characters abilities to match their Sonic R counterparts. and plus this goes pretty well with circuit race so thats fun. if you arent familiar with how Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Metal work in sonic r, Sonic double jumps, Tails just floats rather...
  12. MazesAhoy

    ability change using lua not working

    i mean, i dont know much about lua and i can barely write working code without help. i mean no warnings come up when i load the lua, but yet the abilities dont change. code: addHook("PlayerThink", function(player) if == "sonic" then = CA_DOUBLEJUMP...
  13. MazesAhoy

    SRB2 on sega saturn?

    so i've been looking at this thread ( longingly as srb2 2.1 cant run on a saturn but then i thought of how an even EARLIER version could probably get a result as far back as demo 1. (im excluding the halloween demos along with the christmas one because...
  14. MazesAhoy

    cant load KART resources in zonebuilder

    im trying to make some kart maps and i cant load the resources. they cant be loaded because they're in the KART format. can anybody tell me how to get around this? im using ZoneBuilder.
  15. MazesAhoy

    do you think Knux's real name is Knuckles?

    i think its Nick. Nickles. Knuckles. they sound similar.
  16. MazesAhoy

    help with zonebuilder

    i need help with naming my zone, and getting custom music into it. also, whats the map id of the metal sonic FIGHT not race. edit: also how would i end a level after defeating a boss? like without a capsule or signpost.
  17. MazesAhoy

    failed deton escape attempt

    if it doesnt show up, tell me how to make the gif show up. anyway, i was playing online in techno hill when i heard [ALARM] then [RING LOSS] and i said in the chat "boi" i went to where i heard the sound and i found a deton! i said "detons are still in the game!" i mean, i knew they were in...
  18. MazesAhoy

    legacy settings?

    what could i set in the options if i wanted a more legacy-alike playthrough in vanilla?
  19. MazesAhoy

    001, 002, and 003 files?

    what are they and how am i supposed to open these?
  20. MazesAhoy

    SRB1 soundtrack rip?

    does anybody know where i could get a DOWNLOADABLE srb1 soundtrack rip? making a sonic game and one of the songs work really well with one of the levels