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  1. Charonik08

    Among Us Thread

    Recently this game blew up in popularity, I don’t really know how many people from this message board have played Among Us, but either ways, this is a pretty fun game. Personally, I barely ever get Imposter, but when I do, I play relatively well. (I say relatively because my friends make fun of...
  2. Charonik08

    How would you define “Fluid” movement?

    Now, there’s been plenty of discussion on the physics and most importantly, the Thok. Something I’ve seen come up often is how “fluid” an ability is. Now, for example, this could be in the case of the Thok, where some people say it’s clunky, and others say it’s the most fluid ability. That’s the...
  3. Charonik08

    Apple vs. Fortnite (Epic Games)

    Now, this all just happened yesterday when Epic Games pushed out their “Mega Drop” which caused all in-game purchases of V-Bucks (in-game currency) to go down by 20%. On Mobile, they offered a “direct payment” service to receive this discount instead of using Apple’s AppStore to purchase it...
  4. Charonik08

    Special word effects on the MB?

    Howdy, I’m relatively new and joined about a month ago. I wanted to know if there were any special word effects I don’t know about. For example, I know that [B]old, [I]talic and [U]nderline are a thing. And I recently learned about others like [LIST]. So... is there any more that I don’t know of?