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  1. Yacker

    Invalid Sprites with more than 25 frames no longer work

    The game will claim sprite names between frames 26 and 31 have bad names, and will completely close if they have more with the error "No patches found for [sprite] frame 0" [Removed pk3s as I was incorrect]
  2. Yacker

    SIGSEGV with custom character (heavy Lua) in multiplayer

    Included srb2win.rpt (with .txt at the end so the boards accept it) Willing to send the character to a developer privately if necessary Seems to just happen randomly
  3. Yacker

    Tell if player is in a zoom tube?

    I couldn't find any way to tell on the wiki. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yacker

    G_DoReborn crashes

    If I call G_DoReborn at all in single player it crashes after the fadeout with the error: P_MapStart: tmthing set! But in multiplayer it works fine. Am I missing something or is this function just broken?
  5. Yacker

    Find the floor beneath a player?

    Say I wanted to find the location of the floor beneath a player in the air, accounting for FOFs and slopes all. Is there a way I could do that?
  6. Yacker

    Flat rotation in OpenGL is completely off

    Software: OpenGL:
  7. Yacker

    Change next level?

    Is there any way to change the next level to be loaded after completing a level in Lua, without calling your own G_ExitLevel?
  8. Yacker

    Yacker occasionally does things

    Anyone remember SRB2 Riders? I remember. *HUD is incomplete Disclaimer: level and art entirely courtesy of the original Riders team and ported by Sapheros. lua was made entirely from scratch, however. Final release probably won't feature the original levels or sprites. Bonus: Preview of a...
  9. Yacker

    Lua crashing SRB2

    EDIT: I missed an infinite loop. Oops...
  10. Yacker

    Fixed [2.1.17] MD2 destroys the game

    Loading this model over Sonic, playing in OpenGL with md2s on, playing as Sonic, and switching maps several times will cause the game to slowly break apart. It usually starts with other character md2's vanishing or missing textures, and progresses to cause all md2s in the game to lose textures...
  11. Yacker

    Filling any texture field with linedef type 443 causes it to not execute

    Filling any front texture field alongside the upper texture will cause it to not execute the Lua code pointed to in the upper texture. Back textures can be freely set without problem, though. This is problematic because you can't use those textures to store information for the Lua to use, making...
  12. Yacker

    Drawing to HUD is inaccurate/inconsistent in higher resolutions

    If you look at the gauges in the top right, you can see that the bars are slightly mis-alligned with the gauge itself. And at the bottom left, you can see that the HUD is slightly overlapping itself, causing some darker pixels around the middle of the circle that shouldn't be there. These are...
  13. Yacker

    [Script] Betterexit, a better alternative to playersforexit!

    A small script I made because I felt vanilla's playersforexit was somewhat lacking. Features: You can choose to exit the level when 1 quarter, half, or 3 quarters of players have beaten the level! Players who are AFK don't get counted towards the number of players required to complete a level...
  14. Yacker

    Sync values online?

    edit: nvm found this thread
  15. Yacker

    Lua issues from a newbie

    I'm new to Lua of course and most of my knowledge comes from looking at the wiki, and other scripts, but I can't figure out what is wrong with my script, no matter how hard I try. Can anyone identify the issue? addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if player.reset == false...
  16. Yacker

    Engine legalities?

    Like, what would be the legalities of making a (free) game with SRB2's engine? I've been curious about this for a while.
  17. Yacker

    Each time glitch

    If two people activate an each time sector at the same time, only the person with the lower node will recieve the sectors effect. This can easily be achieved by flying someone with Tails into one.
  18. Yacker

    Disable spinning?

    I want to be able to disable spinning in a certain sector, due to the fact that it would allow them to reach ridiculous speeds (it uses wind) and it wouldn't make much sense to use at that particular moment. Is there any way to do that?
  19. Yacker

    Maincfg help

    I was just preparing the last bits of an oldc submission me and someone else have been working on, but we can't seem to figure out what's wrong with the maincfg. It crashes, and the log.txt gives no insight as to why. Removing the maincfg works fine. Here it is: