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  1. someSRB2dude

    rip my switch

    my switch doesn't turn on and no It hasn't ran out of charge
  2. someSRB2dude

    Sonic Mania

    So Sonic Mania, Yeah It Is Amazing, Most Of The New Zones Make Sonic Mania Great. However I Don't Like The Reused Zones.
  3. someSRB2dude

    I can't run wads

    yeah when I run a wad it crashes and says it can't find a frame for something
  4. someSRB2dude

    how do you reset controls?

    I accidentally set custom control 1 (that's what I think its called) to tab and i changed it but now in servers i can't check the playerlist soooo uh i thought of reseting the controls and also i can't find a playerlist thing in the controls
  5. someSRB2dude

    SRB2 Multiplayer

    I recently just played it and.... It's a lot of fun (aside from the fact that its really slow with all the mods loaded) yeah uh play it
  6. someSRB2dude

    SRB2 2.1

    2.1 I think would run fine, however when i opened it once, it opened more clients and it caused me to restart my pc
  7. someSRB2dude

    Sonic Unleashed

    It's Pretty Cool, The Only Minus About It Is The Werehog Stages, If They Didn't Exist It Probably One Of My Favourite Sonic Games. My Older Brother Also Says That This Would Be His Favourite If The Werehog Stages Didn't Exist