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  1. Hacker 101

    Srb2 and srb2kart memes

    first i'll start with mine:
  2. Hacker 101

    Srb2kart opengl

    So I had this problem where I set the srb2kart renderer to opengl it's just show an error message can anyone help me here?
  3. Hacker 101

    Unused and upcoming content on srb2

    There unused content and upcoming content in srb2 so I decided to make a thread about exactly that
  4. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] Shadow Android v1.3 can now Speen under certain circumstances

    Wow an unattractive name I like it
  5. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] Mirror Mode

  6. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] Mirror Mode

    It's still doesn't work
  7. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] Mirror Mode

    When i put the mod nuthing changes am i doing something wrong here?????
  8. Hacker 101

    The night greenflower

    I only seen one video covering it and nothing else so can somebody tell me how to get the mod
  9. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

  10. Hacker 101

    How do I make music pack

    I know there a toturial video on YouTube but I think it's outdated so please help me
  11. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] [OBSOLETE] The Chaos Gametype RETURNS!!

    What is this so you called chaos mode
  12. Hacker 101

    [Reusable] Custom gamedata - Allows you to create save files with addons

    Hmmmm I have a question if I don't create a save with a mod character does that mean I don't have to load that specific character
  13. Hacker 101

    Predicting when srb2kart for Android release date

    Hmmmmmm I don't know
  14. Hacker 101

    Random Discussion

    Just talk whatever you like okay
  15. Hacker 101

    Deep sea zone act 2 level design is stupid

    Like literally where am I supposed to go And if you don't watch a walkthrough it's literally impossible to even beat the level