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  1. PlacidGhost

    [Reusable] Labyrinth Zone

    I really enjoy the visuals of the level. The skybox was really well-done and the encore palette was a nice touch. I like the track overall; the turns are well choreographed and the level design is fair for the most part. It is basic, but it has enough to not feel boring. That being said I...
  2. PlacidGhost


    You mistyped the Gloat file, so it doesn't play. Great looking character though!
  3. PlacidGhost

    [Reusable] Green Park V2.1

    The level is looking a lot better now, especially the shortcut. My suggestion was just a quick fix if you didn't feel like changing too much, but I was glad to see you did something more.
  4. PlacidGhost

    [Reusable] Flying Battery V1

    It's short and simple, but it plays well and looks nice. The turns are smooth and flow together well. I just don't get this part. Even playing as a slower character like Tails on normal, I have to slow down just to get this item, and why would I want to do that when there's another row of...
  5. PlacidGhost

    [Reusable] Green Park V2.1

    Whatever changes you decide to make, I'm looking forward to the next update. It's all just suggestions, so if you disagree on anything that's cool. I couldn't think of any examples before, but this ramp near the end of Vanilla Hotel is about what I was saying when I suggested tweaking the last...
  6. PlacidGhost

    [Reusable] Green Park V2.1

    I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed this map. I played through it multiple times on both normal and hard and think it's both fun to play and really visually appealing. But I do have a few criticisms with it since you asked for feedback. -There's two points where I thought the...