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  1. Burning-Fox

    What's up with your signature?

    An immense hatred towards a certain multiplayer ringslinger weapon.
  2. Burning-Fox

    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.4; 2.2.9 hotfixes]

    Metal Sonic? Who? ...Wait, that was a race???
  3. Burning-Fox

    Custom HUD issue

    So, there's some weird issue with SRB2's resolution crap. If you try to make custom HUD, if you turn down the resolution the HUD will appear out of place...? HUDs added in Lua do NOT scale along with the aspect ratio of resolutions unlike the regular HUD in SRB2, making it virtually impossible...
  4. Burning-Fox

    Favourite video game/in general character(s)

    Not sure if this has been done in the past. (Probably has been) I checked through a couple of the pages in this place, so uh... I'm not fully aware if this has been done. If it has and this is a problem, by all means lock it. Okay. Excluding Sonic characters, my favourite video game character...
  5. Burning-Fox

    Fixed Capital letters in custom command crashes everyone's day in multiplayer

    In singleplayer, the actual thing has been fixed and works like it SHOULD. In multiplayer however... it crashes EVERYONE. Like not just the server, but the actual EXE itself, FOR everyone. So it's a huge issue, and it would be nice if you could try and fix it up for multiplayer. -Also I...
  6. Burning-Fox

    Joining Dedicated Servers

    So, basically the issue I'm having is: When I host a Dedicated Server, I can't join said server. Obviously you're wanting to suggest a batch file or something with clientport parimeters, but I've already tried everything from the old 2.0.7 method of hosting Dedicated. I used to be able to...
  7. Burning-Fox

    Magma Caves

    ...Why is it harder to get the score requirement on special stage six than it is on seven. That makes no sense at all. It's 100,000 and you have to double loop the map just to get that, but even if I dodge EVERY obstacle and do it all quickly, there is nowhere near enough time to get to the...
  8. Burning-Fox

    Duplicate Insane consistency failure/bugs

    When playing online on Match, there was INSANE issues. I picked up an emerald, and it showed up, then someone else picked up EXACTLY the same one, and it vanished from my inventory after a few seconds. One second I'm flying through the air and losing height rapidly, the next I'm ontop of some...
  9. Burning-Fox

    Strafe on?

    Honestly, I dunno where to put this. But... There used to be a thing called "strafe on". There's a couple of people I know used to use it quite a lot; why was it removed from 2.1 exactly? People get adapted to certain control schemes, that "strafe on" thing is one of them. Is it able to be...
  10. Burning-Fox

    Inferno Renzal The Firehog (AKA Burning-Hog)

    So uh yeah. I made a sprite. A while ago actually. But I came back and edited quite a bit. I dunno what to think of it to be honest. I predict getting a few "OMG ANOTHER HEDGEHOG CHARACTER" comments, but I want genuine criticism on the sprite rather than the character. I put a bit of time into...
  11. Burning-Fox

    Super Mystic Tails

    (God I hope this is the right place to put this) Welp, it's about time I actually posted some work in progress thing here. So, here you go: I've done a few more but I'm not posting them here. Now... let the flame attacks begin!
  12. Burning-Fox

    Super Frames

    Okay so basically I'm making SMT. However I can't make super frames without the flight frames being replaced? Is there an actual way around this? If so can you show? I hope I haven't posted this before. :v
  13. Burning-Fox

    Connection to Master Server FAILED

    Yeah. Master Server. I start up my game, blah blah, and it lags like crazy. It pops up that message, and I shrug it off. I'm used to the Master Server being offline every now and then, no big deal. Quickly go to the MS list, try to find the IPs and stuff, and what d'ya know? It's not offline...
  14. Burning-Fox


    Kill me if this is something really simple to fix please, 'kay? Okay, seriously, I didn't think I'd have to post this here. I thought it was just me. But it's happening to every server for some reason. It's NOT our internet screwing up, it's NOT our faults ('least I don't think so), it's...
  15. Burning-Fox


    God I feel like a noob. Anyway, no, this is not asking how to port forward. I know exactly how to do so. It's just some weird issue that I'm having. When I host directly upon starting SRB2 up, I look on the MS, and the server shows up as "Unreachable". However, when I try to join a game, then go...